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Photo Diary #27

August 19, 2013

My first Photo Diary of Australia. Here is what I’ve been upto …

photo (4)I’ve become obsessed with Peanut butter (with honey) // I’ve been reading ‘Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas’ // Been hanging around with this nutter as usual, my partner in crime // And I’ve been playing around with my freshly chopped, no heat hair (read all about it here) 

photoBeen doing lots of this silliness // Eating like a queen, thanks to our new roomies Tom & Jen // Enjoying a ‘make-up free’ day // I’ve even been cooking! I chopped and diced for the first time in my life

photo diary 27Slowly becoming addicted to tea and coffee again // And continuing to drink lots of beer// Found the perfect book // I’ve been working at the Kaboodle Designs pop-up store at Ekka – Bags Galore

photo (2)My new ring from Kaboodle, and aqua nails from TT Tips & Toes // Two of Kaboodle’s necklaces & watches, the Alice in Wonderland one being my favorite of the collection // My first Chinese since I was in Beijing, still working the chopsticks // Can’t get enough of Pancakes, I could live on that sugary goodness

photo (3)Sunday called for an impromptu fishing trip to the beach // He may be a crazy fisherman but I love him // Random hat we found abandoned on the streets of Brisbane // It’s not a Sunday Funday without some beer involved

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