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Photo Diary No.23 • China • Part 3

April 19, 2013

… Our final few days in China

China14Breakfast the day after my Birthday – hungover! // Beijing traffic on the way back from the Theatre // A chilled night of playing cards // Chinese treats. Delicious. I just love the packaging too

China15The Summer Palace – where the Emperor used to come on his holidays! // Pretty Blossom on the trees // Close up of the palace // Me & Larzy on the promenade

China16Inside The Palace // Buddha Decor // A view of Beijing from the palace // The Palace was surrounded by lakes, mountains and trees 

China17Entrance to the Palace // A very steep bridge // Sushi for lunch // I finally mastered chopsticks (it only took me a week)

China 18Our final meal in China // Chinese female toilets, you get used to them // At the Airport at 7am: Goodbye China

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