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Photo Diary #23: CHINA PART ONE

April 19, 2013

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back onto the blogging scene, my first two weeks as a backpacker have been completely crazy. I’m currently sat in my Bangkok hostel with Larzy, theย swelteringย heat is getting to us so we are taking it easy tonight. So with a night off I thought what better time to abuse the free Wifi and get blogging. My first week of travelling was spent in China, where unfortunately most Social Mediaย ย sites are blocked, including my blog, the only app I could use on my phone was Instagram (… although once Iย realizedย I could ‘gram’ my way through China I was delighted. Nine days without hash tagging would have been too long). So since my blog was was completely blocked, and therefore well overdue an update, I thought I would show you guys my Beijing Highlights over three seperate photo diaries ….

china1Street Breakfast, I’m not sure what it was, but it was yummy // Cold cucumber in some really tasty sauce // We saw all these gorgeous birds randomly bundled up on the side of the street //ย Scorpionย Snacks

China2_Snake Kebab! // Again, not sure what this is, but it taste foul and was 46% (or some shops sold another version that was 56%) and it was only 44pp. We stupidly drank it and …. // ….ended up nursing a Chinese Hangover … // …which lead to a greasy chinese kebab dinner

China3Off out with dorm roomies for drinks // The two lovely girls we were sharing a room with // We then went to see this amazing Beijing band called ‘Sound of the Xity’ – it was a brilliant set // Woke up on the Saturday morning to gorgeous blue skies

China4We visited the Temple of Heaven // Me being a tourist // The Gardens at The Temple of Heaven // After a day of walking EVERWHERE and not using any public Transport we sat down to eat some well deserved Peking Duck

China5Sunday was spent chilling with Beers // Monday we did The Great Wall of China, so proud of ourselves. It was stunning and I learnt so much about The Great Wall that I never knew. We even got to ride a toboggan down the wall

China8Larzy on top of the Great Wall // Me on top of the Great Wall (Iย don’tย look very happy, but only because I’m concentrating on trying not to fall off) // Pic doesnt do it justice, but this part was very steep // Me being all touristy again

China9Picked me up a Panda cap at The Great Wall // Made some Aussie friends who took us out to dinner // Yummy Chinese food // Beijing Beer

Go to my next post to see more of my Beijing Highlights ….

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