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April 2, 2013


Today I’m leaving London to go travelling! The day has finally come, I can’t quite believe it. In a matter of hours I’ll be on that plane, headed to Asia. I’m so excited. Nervous, but mainly excited. But before I swan off to the other side of the world, I wanted to share with you guys my second blog. It’s actually mine and Larzy’s joint travel blog, its a blogger account, so if you have your own blogspot, go follow via blogger. You can also follow via my Google+ account, as well as email subscription. There are only 3 posts so far, and who knows what kind of crap we will end up posting, but I’m hoping it will be us two on lots of crazy adventures, heading up the great wall of China, raving it up at Koh Phangan’s full moon party, and getting to know the great and powerful Aus.

I will still be running AllAboutTink and updating this site as much as I can, I promise. Unfortunately I can’t do any updating of the blog for the first ten days, as we are Beijing bound, and China are not too fond of the whole social media thing. The list of social networking sites blocked is endless, and to my dissapointment, wordpress was one of the top on the list, as was Facebook and Twitter, so I will be a little quiet over the next 10 days. But once I’ve landed in our next destination, the city of Bangkok, I’ll be sure to be updating you all via AllAboutTink and via boyandGirlMeetsWorld. so please make sure your signed up to both blogs.

Love you guys. See you on the other side!

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