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Goodbye Channel 5 … Hello Soap Explosion

March 28, 2013


I wanted to quickly share you with this 60″ promo for Neighbours: The Explosion. A bit random, I know, but as some of you may know I’ve spent the past three years working at Channel Five and last Friday was my last day. Very sad times.

I’ve always kept my job and my blog very separate, rarely integrating the two, mainly because blogging has been my escapism; it’s my number one hobbie. But after three fantastic years at Five, I wanted to post this one minute promo so I can share with you guys a little taster of my life in TV.

There was an amazing team of people behind this promo, including a fantastic creative, an innovative marketing team and of course my Manager who is a massive Neighbours fan. As a Promo Planner, it would normally be my job to help find the appropriate place to exploit this campaign within the schedules (but of course my team will be doing it without me *weeps*). This promo is the sort of fantastic material I’ve been lucky enough to work around on a daily basis, as well the people behind it, they’ve been a brilliantly talented bunch to work with. I don’t necessarily follow Neighbours on a regular basis, I only tune in every now and then to check on Susan and Karl, but having seen this promo I’d be lying if I said I wasnt intrigued to find out exactly whats about to go down on Ramsay street.

I had an absoloute blast working at Five (an explosive blast one might say!) and I suppose this little post is a tribute and Thank you to the wonderful Channel Five for having me.

Now check out this promo; Paloma Faith’s cover of ‘Never Tear us Apart’ plays out over hot drama, with a chilling storyline! Will you be watching?

Neighbours: The Explosion – Tuesday 16th April

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