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eBay Haul

March 28, 2013

I’m not one for doing ‘Hauls’, in fact this is my first. Mainly because I’m a low-budget blogger whose spent the past eight months saving to go travelling (5 days to go!) so shopping expeditions have unfortunately not been on my penny-saving agenda. BUT, and this is an important But, I wanted to share with you my love for eBay, and the fantastic benefits of using this site as a buyer. And what better way to do that than a little Haul (I say little as it’s only three main items I will be showing you).

I’ve always been a seller on eBay, shifting whatever crap I could for a few bob; it’s a fantastic way to make a bit of quick cash. But its only over the past year I’ve realised just how fantastic eBay is for shopping, particulary for items you can’t find or simply can’t afford. There are two types of sellers on eBay, the one off, second hand sellers, who you can get a great bargain off, or the wholesalers; who are basically sellers with eBay stores, set up to sell branded products at a much lower price than retail. For example, I love MAC, particulary their blusher, but I would never pay £17.50 for my Fluer Power, when I can purchase it for £11 from an eBay wholesaler, brand new and packaged.

Recently I was reading the lovely Melon Lady’s blog (fantasticly entertaining blogger and vlogger, check out her channel HERE) and she wrote a post about ROMWE, an American street fashion brand whose leggings she has become obsessed with. In this particular post she was wearing her ROMWE Aztec denim jacket. It was love at first sight. It doesnt happen often, but I had one of those moments where I stopped breathing, my heart skipped a beat and I knew I just had to have that jacket, whatever the cost … well unfortunately ROMWE is an American brand and the cost was $90 (£60) plus international P&P on top so it was looking to be more like £70. Things were looking bleak. So I decided to do a search on eBay, to see if by some miracle there was a girl out there selling one, and what do you know, two were up for Auction. I ended up in a bidding war, determined to let no-one stand in the way of me and the Saved By the Bell jacket – and hurrah, I won the auction! I paid just under £50 for the jacket, including P&P, saving myself a nice little twenty pound note! Cha-ching!

ROMWE Aztec Denim jacket eBay

The jacket: Love at first sight, and eBay brought us together

I also picked up an Aztec phone case for my iPhone 4 too (yes, a little Aztec obsessed at the moment arent I?) I got it from the seller bobob-uk who sells quite a few different designs of this case, all for £2.89 with free delivery. It’s an absoloute bargain. This paricular seller also stocks other styles of phone cases as well as different phone accessories. This is a fantastic example of the eBay wholesalers; I’ve walked past hundreds of phone shops and phone carts in shopping centres, selling this exact phone case for the rip off price of £10.

Only £2.89 plus free p&p. I love eBay!

Only £2.89 plus free p&p. I love eBay!

Next up was my new multi-functional purse that I purchased from another wholesaler called finest78 who is based in China. Now I have to admit, the delivery took a long time, but I think it was worth it. I got this gorgeous hot pink purse (also available in other colours) that can not only hold your cards, your coins and your notes, but has a pocket especially for your iPhone 4/4s/5 or Samsung Galaxy, including a gap at the top so you can plug in your headphones etc. And it was only £5.09, agan with free P&P.

My new purse that also holds my phone, only £5.09 with free p&p

My new hot pink purse that also holds my iPhone, only £5.09 with free p&p (also available in other colours)

I’ve picked up a few other bits and pieces, a Jack Daniels cut open vest top that I’ve always wanted, a useful battery charger, iron-on fabric badges, I could go on, but I just wanted to show you guys these three items to show you what cool stuff you can purchase on eBay and at such low prices too!

Get bidding now at Happy eBaying.

I picked up this exact Jack Daniels vest top for £5.

I picked up this exact Jack Daniels vest top for £5.