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Audrey Hepburn resurrects as a Chocoholic

March 1, 2013

I’m sure you have all seen that Audrey Hepburn is the new face of Chocolate brand Galaxy and no doubt you have also read all the complaints people have made about it. Whilst the resurrection of the ‘Sabrina’ actress has upset a few people, I personally really like it. I think its a really fitting tribute to Audrey – 20 years after her death, this sixty second film shows Audrey looking her finest, and reminds us what a beautifully talented individual she was, as she flutters and flirts to her own rendition of ‘Moon River’ ….

It’s the 1950’s and Audrey is on the Amalfi Coast on a broken down bus, when a handsome stranger pulls up in a convertible and offers her a ride. The ever-so cute Audrey trots off the bus, flutters her eye-lashes at the driver to steal his cap, and places it on the handsome strangers head much to his confusion. She hops into the back seat, making the potential lover her new driver. Once settled, she gives a dainty smile and tucks into her chocolate as they drive away.

It’s elegant, classic, and very very girly, surely those are three words that sum up Audrey Hepburn? So what if it’s to promote a Chocolate bar? Obviously I’m biast as not only am I a severe chocoholic (I’m talking daily in-takes are necessary) but Galaxy is probably one of my favorite brands too; nevertheless I think this commercial is a fantastic way of letting Audrey live on, to remind those from her generation what a beauty she was, and to inform new generations what a legend she was, and still remains.

Apparently her sons signed off the use of these images for this particular commercial, because she loved chocolate and she often spoke of how it lifted her spirits (The Independent). And of all Chocolate brands, Galaxy seems perfectly fitting for Audrey Hepburn, as its a classy brand – this isnt Audrey scoffing a Mars Bar whilst the Black Eyed Peas play out in the background. This a tasteful, respectful, beautifully filmed and well edited piece, showing us Audrey looking stunning and demure. Bravo to Galaxy, I say, this ad is simply Girly Heaven!

What do you think of Audrey Hepburn in the new Galaxy Ad?

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  • I really like the commercial. It doesn’t really hurt her persona. It’s a very classy advertisement.

  • I love it, don’t see any reason why people are complaining….but there is always someone :)

  • Tink Jayne

    Agreed! Theres always people who will complain, but I think its a great tribute to her. Very classy indeed x

  • My Mum says the man is supposed to be Dean Martin. : ) And she doesn’t think that’s actually Audrey; she says she’s an actress. It’s hard to tell with technology nowadays.