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Low Budget Love ● 5 Simple Homemade Valentines Gifts

February 13, 2013

So its the day before Valentines day, and your yet to buy your partner a gift! Maybe your strapped for cash and can’t afford one, maybe you dont believe in spending lots of money on Valentines (I totally get that) or maybe you’ve simply forgotten – you could even be reading this several days after Valentines and are looking for a quick fix apology gift – whatever the reason, do not fret! Valentines doesnt need to be about buying expensive things or eating at the fanciest restaurants. Valentines can also be about the little things, especially ones that you make yourselves. So why not pick one or two of these ideas that are all easy on you as well as easy on the wallet!

Score Treats with Treats

Valentines DIY cakes

If your partner has a sweet tooth why not bake them something? You might already have most of the ingrediants in your kitchen cupboard. Fairy cakes and cupcakes are straight forward recipies, and you can have fun decorating them with icing and treats. I use this cupcake recipie from BBC Good Food. Or if you fancy something a bit more challenging than cupcakes, then why not make some Valentine Brownies, I use this recipe also from BBC Good food and they taste delicious, dont be put off by the adding of mayonaise!

B&B Fun

Valentine DIY Breakfast

You dont need to go away to for the Weekend to have some Valentines B&B fun. Why not snuggle up in bed with a romantic breakfast. It doesnt need to be a fancy Breakfast with Pancakes and berries oozing in syrup with a fresh latte from their favorite coffee shop. Slow down and make it simple. Like I said, its the little things that matter; maybe add some strawberries to their cereal (it is an aphrodisiac after all), or bring it up on a tray sprinkled with home made confetti, or pull the old skool heart shaped toast out the bag, that never fails! Or, one of my favorite ideas is the DIY coffe cup (above) from Just pick up a takeaway coffee cup from your local cafe, and decorate them with hearts/stickers/glitter or design your own wrapper for it. Then present to your Valentine alongside their Breakfast! The coffee wrapper tutorial can be found Here.

Movie Night with some Lovers Popcorn


Select your Valentines favorite movies and DVD’s and pick up some popcorn from your local supermarket. But make it a little more romantic by putting the Popcorn into a bag along with maybe some pink marshmallows and some pink and red sweets – you could go very detailed and pick out all the red m&ms, or red skittles, surely that shows some Diva effort? If not, just add their favorite sweets that you know they will appreciate. Finish it off by wrapping it up with a red or pink ribbon, and there you have some Lovers Popcorn.

A Candlelight Dinner with a Difference

Valentines Dinner Candle

Cook a delicious and romantic meal for your lover and add some romantic lighting …. except these candelights will be slightly different. Using pages from either romantic reads, or your partners favorite books (you can photocopy the pages if you dont want to actually use the pages and pull them out) and put them into a jar, placing a candle in the middle. For a full tutorial on how to make this, check out

Lovers Google ‘Met’ Map


If you want to give them an actual gift, but are really low on cash, here is an idea – Why not take a picture frame (maybe paint it or decorate it if its an old one) and rather than put in a photo, using Google Maps, print off the map of the place or area of where you first met, or got married, or a place that means something to you both. Sweet, thoughtful (and free!)

Have a great Valentines Day everyone and I hope your inspired to have a low-budget one like mine :)