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I heard it through the Apple Vine ● Phone App

January 30, 2013

Have you heard of Vine, the new social media app that lets you share a 6 second video? No doubt you have read about it this week for all the wrong reasons; there was a lot of negative press surrounding Vine this week, about the “human Error” that resulted in a porn clip somehow featuring on the home page as ‘Editors Pick’. Not a great start to the launch, but ignoring that, this is actually a fantastic app! Once downloaded you sign in with your Twiiter account via your iPhone or iPad, and the app enables you to post a 6 second clip, letting you be as creative as you want. Thats my first Vine above. For my first video I sent a little thank you message to all my followers & subscribers, by doing multilpe clips and using post-it notes. I cant wait to film some more (scroll down to the bottom of the post to see more Vine examples, inc ASOS).

How to use Vine

Recording the video is very simple. You just tapp the camera button in the top-right corner of the screen, and once the camera is open, press your finger on the screen to record. If you take your finger off of the screen it stops recording and it will only resume once you tap down again. This allows you to make either one continuous 6 second clip, or multiple clips, like mine above! Sound is also recorded automatically with no option to turn off at the moment, however videos are initially muted when played back, which I prefer.

How to use VINE app

c/o of Vine

Once you have finished filming the clip you just upload your Vine, along with any text, links or hashtags,  in the same format you do on Twitter. The video will be added to the Vine platform, where they will automatically play on your Vine Feed (which will also show all the clips of those you follow). Very similar to Instagram, you are able to add location, as well as share on Facebook and add to your Twitter stream.


I definitely reccomend this app, I can see hours of fun happening with this, as well as endless creative ideas. Not to mention its a fantastic app for bloggers, its perfect for #OOTD’s and Haul introductions. Its currently only available on one platform, iOS, which means that it’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch only right now, but Vine have announced they are working to get Vine out onto other platforms. I can already imagine the Vine madness filling up my tumblr feed. The app is free, so go download it!

I follow ASOS on Twitter and they posted this Vine that shows off their amazing collection of Cover girls

Here is an awesome vine from I guy I follow, Khoa (@lazybearkhoa). It put a smile on my face!

Have you downloaded Vine? What do you think of this app? Love it, or hate it?

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