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Back to my Roots • DIY Hair

January 27, 2013

L'Oreal Hair DyeL'Oreal Hair Dye 3L'Oreal Hair Dye 4L'Oreal Hair Dye 5

It was only a matter of time until I once again got bored of my hair, and after playing around with blonde over the past 10 months, I finally decided to go back to being a brunette. I chose to use a L’Oreal home kit; they’re reliable, easy to do, and cheap! And for these reasons they are my favourite hair dye brand, I won’t use another. Not to mention the conditioner they provide with the kit is impressive, it leaves your hair super shiny!

Dying over bleached hair can be tricky. I didn’t necessarily want to go extremely dark, but in the past I tried to dye my bleached blonde hair a medium brown, and ended up with orange hair (!!?) not a soft ginger, or a nice strawberry blonde, but bright orange. It was a catastrophe that left me wearing hats for a week, before eventually dying my hair jet black. I didn’t want that happening again, so I opted for L’Oreal’s Brasilia Dark Brown.

L’Oreal’s home kits are easy peasy; to mix the dye just follow the simple instructions they provide. They also give instructions on how to apply to your hair, whether its topping up roots, or doing an all over dye. I usually just split my hair into four sections (top, bottom, on each side) and cover each section from root to tip, then massage into and all over my hair. I then leave for 30 mins, rinse, and finally condition. As you can see from the pictures, it gets a bit messy (excuse the no make-up face!) and it is advised not to get the dye on your skin, however, should you end up doing so – as I did – just wash or rinse off, or wipe off with a face wipe ASAP.

The colour turned out very dark, but actually I quite like it. It’s been a long time since I have been this dark; I’m ready to embrace it! I decided to try out some new L’Oreal make-up too. I got a box of L’Oreal Diamantissime cosmetics off my Mum for Christmas so decided to test the Masacara (Volume Million Lashes; black) and the Lipstick (Colour Riche 325; Feeric Fuschia). I basically had a very L’Oreal Saturday! Pics of the make-up below …

L'Oreal Hair Dye AfterL'Oreal Hair Dye After 2L'Oreal Hair Dye After 3L'Oreal Lipstick L'Oreal MascaraL'Oreal Mascara Eyes