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Snow Day • Test Shots

January 21, 2013

Snow 2
Snow 3
Snow 4

Snow 6

Snow 7

Everyone enjoying the snow? I’m not really one to play around in the snow because I hate being cold and damp, but I can certainly appreciate how beautiful it looks (…before it turns to black slush). So a snowy Sunday afternoon seemed like the perfect time to take my new Camera out to play. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@Tinkerbelljayne) you will know that I treated myself to the Nikon Coolpix L310. I originally wanted to buy myself a DSLR so that I had a decent camera to take away with me when I go travelling later in the year – and of course to use for blogging – but I dont think I could risk carrying a £400 camera around Asian Hostels all summer, I’d be a nervous wreck and no doubt end up sleeping with it chained and padlocked to my body. Not to mention I dont actually have the faintest idea how to use a DSLR, which would mean having to learn all about by April, and I just dont have the patience.

So I did some research into other good cameras, and in the end opted for the Nikon Coolpix L310 which is basically a point and shoot camera, but a very very good one. It had some great reviews, which have all proved to be right as the quality of the images are amazing, and the camera itself is nice and small and compact; perfect for when I travel. Although £200 in the shops, I actually purchased it on Amazon for only £120. I love it.

Unfortunately there are only a few test shots; the beautiful snowy Sunday sooned turned into a bitter frostry afternoon, and I could no longer stand to be outside in the freezing cold. My hands were turning a worrying shade of red, whilst my lips were flashing blue, so after less than an hour, it was time to slide myself home to a steaming hot chocolate followed by a traditional roast dinner. Mmmmmm ….

Snow 8

Snow 9

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