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GlossyBox • January • Detox

January 15, 2013

GlossyBox January

Today I was super-excited to receive my first ever GlossyBox, having only discovered this service last week (where have I been?) But what better month to start receiving GlossyBox than January, as this month’s edition is conveniently themed around Detoxing, which is good news for me as so far I’ve made no effort to do any sort of detoxing , so it looks like its GlossyBox to the rescue.

GlossyBox January detoxL310 030

Firstly I must point out how gorgeous the GlossyBox pagaging is. Not only does the actual box look like its fallen straight off a shelf from Harvey Nichols, but even the cardboard parcel it comes boxed in looks ten times more sheek than my make-up box.
L310 026GlossyBox January 2013

But enough about packaging. Lets get to it. Here is what I recieved in the January GlossyBox …

  •  JASON – Lips Bee Healthier

During the winter I suffer quite badly from chapped lips, and I also have a habit of biting them, so this lip balm was spot on for me. Apparently this stick combines Beeswax (fancy!) mixed with Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract to lock in moisture. As well as Organic Aloe Vera Gel which helps heal, soothe and protect the lips, and finally Shea Butter and Sweet Almond oil to add moisture. I applied it to my lips and it practically melted on.  RRP: 4.6g – £1.99

GlossyBox January Lipbalm


I literally just read a piece about this last week recommending this as daily exfoliator, so I can’t wait to try this out. I currently use a Neutrogena exfoliating scrub (because it’s in my price range at just £4.50) but if Elemis Fresh Skin proves to be good, I may splash out on a larger one. RRP: 100ml – £12

GlossyBox January Elemis Fresh Skin

  • MONU – Aromatic Mask

I love the sound of Monu. I’ve never been one to apply face masks, but Monu sounds like it works wonders, increasing vitamin and mineral absorption, and apparently instantly renewing and invigorating your skin. Sounds good … this product also contains Beeswax, I sense a theme! RRP: 100ml – £24.95

GlossyBox January Monu

  •  DUCK ISLAND LIMITED – Body Lotion

Something a little different; an indulgent body lotion that will help you relax whilst simultaneously stimulate your senses …  I only tried a little bit on my hand, and I don’t think it was enough to completely relax me, but my goodness it smelt amazing. I may carry around this little gem in my handbag as my new hand cream. RRP: 2 x 250ml – £24.95

GlossyBox January Duck Island Limited

  •  PREMAE SKINCARE – Balance Rescue Face Tonique

This is my least favourite item included in this month’s Glossybox, a “refreshing face toner for combination skin, that mattifies and rejuvenates congested skin” only because I don’t normally use face toner, and whilst I get the odd spot, and have a fair few blackheads, I wouldn’t say my skin is congested. Nevertheless I’ll give it a go, who knows, it could give me radiant perfect skin, and then I’ll be eating my hat, there’s only one way to find out! RRP: 50 – £27.50

GlossyBox January Premae Skincare

As an extra treat GlossyBox threw in a ‘Glossy Dreams’ sleeping mask. This was the perfect little present for me, as I’ll need one of these for my travels; it will come in handy on planes and in the hostels. I was actually looking for one the other day, I’m glad I didn’t buy one, phew!


Not bad for my first GlossyBox. Great products. Gorgeous Box. Taking into account the cost of the products, and their  sample sizes, I basically spent £10 and got about £30 worth of products! I high five you GlossyBox

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