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A Love Affair with Ralph & Charlie • My Perfumes • Day vs Night

January 9, 2013

I thought I’d do a Perfume post and share with you the perfumes I currently wear. I have two scents that I wear, one is High-end, although still relatively low-priced, and of course the other is High Street.

Being the low-budget beauty girl I am, splashing out on high end perfumes for myself is something I just never do. I usually request my favourite perfume for my Birthday and for Christmas and try and make it last the rest of the year, which never works as I’m one of those people who drowns myself in perfume. But now that Christmas has been and gone, I’m fully stocked up on my favourite High End perfume, which is Ralph by Ralph Lauren…

 Okay so it’s no Chanel or Dior, so I’m not sure it’s actually classed as ‘High End’, but at £40 for 100ml it’s certainly not High Street, it’s also available in 30ml for £22. I first started using this perfume when I was 16; my Mum came back from a business trip from New York and she brought this back for me in a gorgeous Ralph Lauren gift box that also contained really nice lotion and glorious smelling bath soaps. The top notes for the perfume are Japanese osmanthus, apple leaf and Italian mandarin; middle notes are magnolia, boronia and yellow freesia; base notes are musk and white iris. The downside is the packaging, as you can see from the image above its nothing special, it’s so basic, it almost looks sporty, which is a shame as I love having pretty products on my beauty shelf (as proven by my Batiste collection).

It’s great to wear new scents, and I love trying different perfumes, but I’ve always thought a woman should have one Perfume that she always goes back to, almost like an on/off love affair with a certain scent – And Ralph was to be mine! 10 years later I’m still obsessed with the way he smells, and I always go back for more. And I like that if other people smell him, they think of me! BUT, as this is my High End perfume, Ralph only comes out to play if I’m going out to play, I try to save him for the evening time. Which brings me to Charlie, my daytime perfume (I appear to like Perfumes named after Men!)

Charlie Chic Eau De Toilette Perfume

Obviously I’ve always been aware of the brand Charlie by Revlon; it came about in the 70’s and at the time was a top-selling perfume famous for its controversial ads. But that was then and this is now, and if I’m being honest I’d always associated the Charlie brand as being cheap and dated. But it was around October time that I was tottering through Boots looking for some sort of cheap body spray, when I spotted Charlie Chic, Eau De Toilette. Cute packaging? Tick. Pretty Bottle? Tick. Nice smell?? BIG TICK. And 30ml for only £4.30, what a bargain. When I took a few sprays from the tester I was surprised at how gorgeous it smelt. I’m not entirely sure on the specific combination of the smell, but apparently it combines notes of patchouli, sandalwood with hints of golden amber. Whatever the combination, it smells lush. As soon as I started wearing it people were asking what Perfume I had on. I was almost embarrassed to tell them it was Charlie, but then why should I be embarrassed just because it’s a low-budget brand? I seriously recommend this perfume for anyone whose looking for a new ‘Day’ scent or just needs a pretty scent to tie them over till payday; I love this perfume, it’s perfect for daytime use, and if I happen to run out then £4.30 isn’t too much to pay for the next bottle.Charlie Chic Revlon Set

For a real bargain you can purchase the Charlie Chic Gift set for around £10 (above), the set includes the 30ml perfume as well as a 75ml Body Soufflé, a 100ml Body Lotion and 2 Nail Varnish’s in the Charlie Chic colours (deep purple and a pale orange). My Boyfriend got this for me as one of my Christmas presents, I’m still to try the spray and nail varnishes but the Body lotion not only smells amazing but feels glorious on your skin.

Anyone else in a long term love affair with a Perfume? Or just having a few flings with different scents?

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