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Mallzee – A #ShoppingRevolution

November 25, 2012

Calling all shopping addicts, a brand new shopping experience is coming your way. For those of you that just cant stop yourselves window-shopping via Windows, or eyeing up shoes on the iPad, I introduce to you Mallzee

Due to launch very soon, Mallzee is all about creating the perfect online shopping experience by letting you pick your favourite stores and brands to essentially create your own online shopping mall. Mallzee discovers your style by asking you to score a few products, once you’ve scored, the site then takes this information, along with your favorite brands, to find products and items personally suited to your tastes. Very clever eh?


Mallzee in the making

Your Mallzee

What your Mallzee could look like

Of course it wouldnt be a new online experience if there wasn’t a social element to it. To make this a social experience as well, Mallzee allows you to shop with friends. They can browse with you, recommend stuff for you by adding items to ‘Your Wardrobe’, they can even help you make those tricky decisions of ‘Do I? Dont I?’ via the poll function. And now for the extra special part … Fancy earning some cash? Mallzee pays you whenever you, or your friends, shop via your Mallzee. You can then use this credit to shop with the Mallzee partners (Urban Outfitters, New Look, Feel Unique and St. Tropez to name a few) or you can kindly donate it to charity.

Mallzee Poll Function

The Mallzee Poll Function

Mallzee is calling their site a shopping revolution, and I agree. Obviously nothing can beat a day out shopping with your girlfriends. But at the moment, not only am I very busy, but I’m on a super strict budget, so Mallzee is perfect for me. It means all I have to do is log on and I will already have items recommended for me by Mallzee (or even by my pals), the same simple online shopping rules apply, and of course I can earn money back to spend. To get your invite to join Mallzee Click Here. Once your all signed up you will be automatically entered into Mallzee’s competition to win ยฃ100 ($155).

I can’t wait for this site to go live. But in the meantime you can get involved in Mallzee’s Monday night live chats on Twitter. Each Monday at 8pm (GMT) Mallzee asks a question, fashion related, using the hashtag #shoppingrevolution and followers get involved in the discussion. I took part last Monday and really enjoyed it. We discussed A/W accessories. So make sure to get involved in the next one. To follow Mallzee on Twitter, Click Here.

Mallzee Twitter

Get involved in the #ShoppingRevolution Live Chats, hosted by Mallzee on Monday nights at 8pm (GMT)

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