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Getting Lippy with it – Rimmel Lipsticks

November 21, 2012


I’ve never been one to wear a lot of lipstick. When I was younger I was more into my Lipgloss – which I now can’t stand, too sticky – and after lipgloss I just started wearing basic lip balms. But that had gotten very dull, and I wanted to vamp up my image and get some more colour on my lips.

So a few months ago I purchased MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in their Watermelon Pink shade titled ‘Insanely It’. Whilst the colour was fantastic, the price tag wasn’t. Luckily I paid pennies for it at a Sample sale in work (phew) but with a retail price of £14.50 I would have been fuming had I paid full price. I was so dissapointed with this lipstick because I expected a much longer lasting finish for a MAC lipstick. And whilst it was easy to apply (it really was super soft) everytime I wore it, I had to keep re-applying constantly.

But then I discovered Rimmel Lipsticks. I’ve been dabbling with Rimmel make-up on and off for years, but never thought much of their lipsticks (probably because I never bothered to wear them) but I recently picked up Rimmels Moisture Renew Lipstick in Sloanes Plum, and I fell in love with it. Not only was the colour so beautiful, a really deep gothic purple, but this lipstick actually lasted. I didn’t need to keep topping it up every half hour unlike the MAC product. Even better was its bargain price of just £6.29 Alongside the RMRL in Sloanes Plum, I also  purchased it in Notting Hill Nude to try out; quite a basic beige shade but again, I absoloutley loved it. This colour is perfect for daytime. It felt great on my lips, you can really feel the moisture in this collection, and of course it lasts a good while.

Rimmel Shades

So a week later I was back in Superdrug searching for another colour, wondering what wonderful shade should grace my lips this time, when I suddenly did something that I have never done before. Ever. I bought a Red Lipstick! I’ve always been too scared to wear Red Lipstick, one reason being that I’m extremely pale and I was worried it would make me look even whiter. Other reasons being that I dont want to stand out too much, would red even suit me? But in the end I though sod it – YOLO. Haha.

The red lipstick I chose was from Rimmels Lasting Finish collection, so also lasts a long time. It was the shade Alarm. The colour comes out great and is even more of a bargain than the Moisturising Lipsticks at just £5.49. Once I got my red lippie home I was like a child playing with a brand new toy. I loved the finish, loved the deep red, even my boyfriend commented on how my lips looked fuller. Suddenly I was rummaging through my wardrobe for anything in a raunchy red or gothic black to team with my new red lips. I really can’t tell you all how great these lipsticks, and at less than £6.50 a pop, I plan to buy a lot more.

Left: Notting Hill Nude, Right Top: Alarm Red, Right Bottom: Sloanes Plum

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