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DIY STYLE • Slogan T-Shirt

November 16, 2012

Another easy peasy DIY project to share with you Guys. I created some slogan T-shirts using some iron-on letters I bought off eBay. I even wore one to the Twilight: Breaking Dawn UK premiere. It’s simple and cheap!

Iron on letters ebay


A T-Shirt/Vest Top (I did two T-shirts, both were £1.50 from Primark)

Iron on Letters (I bought two packs of 40 letters, from this eBay seller for just £1.99 each)

An Iron

A Cloth or Tea Towel



As always when doing any kind of DIY project, safety comes first. So make sure when using an iron, you use it on a high, stable surface such as an ironing board. Make sure the electrical cord is out of reach. Unplug the iron immediately after use and place the iron out of reach of children.

HOW TO:Iron on Letters cut out

When you buy the iron on letters, there should be full instructions on the reverse which you should follow, but here is a quick rundown of how I did it:

1) I cut up all the letters and lay them out to make it easier to spell out my slogan

2) Then I put my T-Shirt on the ironing board and pthe letters on, adhesive side up (so the letters are face down touching the Tee)



Iron on DIY3) Make sure the iron has no water in – steam is definitely not needed –  and set it to cotton. You can then press the iron straight onto the letters, however I would advise first using a press cloth or tea towel over the letters to test it first and help them stick. DO NOT do a normal ironing motion, instead press down for on letters for 15 seconds only. Repeat if necessary.

4) Once you feel like the letters are sticking, then remove the cloth or towel and iron straight onto the adhesives. Once you feel the letters are definitely stuck down, and theres no falling off, stop ironing and leave the garment to cool completely.

5) Once completely cool, peel off the adhesive and you there you should have your slogan T-Shirt




I did two T-Shirts, one read: LOVE BITES, and the second: I LOVE FANGS, a bit of a Vampire theme going on! Although as you can see from the second one, I made a few mistakes, I placed my letter ‘E’ baack to front, and I placed my ‘F’ quite far away from the rest of the word. Nevertheless I still think it looks okay. It’s wearable. The total cost of each T-shirt was just £3.49. Bargain! And Ive still loads of random letters left over to do other stuff with.

Bit Creased?

Ooops, a few mistakes

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