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ONE NIGHT IN TWILIGHT • Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two • The UK Premiere

November 15, 2012

It seems there are some perks to working in TV and last night I received a fabulous one. The perk of all perks. I was lucky enough to attend the UK Premiere for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two. I’ve been to a few a few private screenings before, but never an actual Premiere. And I’m a TwiHard through and through, so you can only imagine how ecstatic I was when I received my official invitation. I was like a Kid on Christmas morning.

The Twilight Red Carpet

My Boohoo Boots gracing the Twilight Red Carpet

The Red Carpet
Arriving in Leicester Square, I was completely overwhelmed by the crowds and the amount of fans that turned up. And my entire five minutes on the red carpet were even more overwhelming, and very surreal. As I walked on I could hear hundreds of fans screaming Kristen’s name, and as I turned to my left there she was, not even a meter away from me. I remained calm on the outside, but on the inside my TwiHard was welling up with tears of happiness. I have to say, she looked stunning in her Black Lace jumpsuit, and I even saw her smile a few times. She seemed to determined to sign as many autographs as she could. Next up I spotted Taylor Lautner not too far off signing Autographs for his fans too. Then there was Rob. Sigh. I unfortunately was at the wrong end of the Red Carpet by the time he was centre stage, but despite him being far away, I did see him. I was just happy to be breathing the same air as the lovely Edward Cullen. Although I could feel the TwiHard in me becoming very anxious and desperate to run up the other end and pounce on him … at which point I knew it was time for me get inside the cinema, where I would be safe from humiliating not only myself but my work colleauges.

As I made my way in, I also spotted MyAnna Buring (Tanya) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius). I didn’t catch Judith Shekoni (Zafrina) in the flesh, but I did catch her interview once inside, she looked beautiful, buy my oh my, that was some cleavage! Other non-Twilight celebs spotted were the Saturdays looking very Gothic, and Kimberley Nixon from Fresh Meat who looked like a little lost lamb and kept bumping into people. Once inside we got free Chocolate, Crisps and a drink, can’t complain!

Check out the back of all these peoples heads!

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Leicester Square

Top Left: MyAnna Buring (Tanya) // Bottom Left: Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius) // Top Right: Just one of the cinemas hosting the film // Middle: Three of The Saturdays // Right Bottom: A very blurry picture of the back of K-Stew’s head. Silly bouncer put his hand in front!

The Crowds and Fans

The Fans - Twilight

The Film (for TwiHards only)
(Dont worry, no big Spoilers)
It seems that the Twilight Cast decided not to bother acting for the first half of this film. If you compare Breaking Dawn Part 2 to the first of the films, Twilight, there is a vast difference. Twilight will always be my favourite of the five, because it felt authentic. The special effects in Twilight were not that great, but I didn’t care, it was the story I loved. But as the films have gone on, it’s seems they’ve put so much work into the special effects, the ridiculous vampire make-up, and the CGI that they’ve forgotten to make sure the actors act with conviction. I’m no film critic, or movie buff, and to be honest they could have all mimed their parts and I still would have loved it because it’s Twilight, but the first half was a bit disappointing. Not to mention certain parts of the story are missed out or changed. This I didn’t like. One of those parts being Zafrina. On the Red Carpet a big fuss was made over Judith Shekoni, particularly as she’s a British Actress (from up north, woop!). She was hugely cheered by the crowds, and Alex Zane made a huge deal about her during her interview; so I couldn’t wait to see her portray Zafrina, whose character I really liked when reading the books. Only to be disappointed to find she had no lines! Maybe I missed them, but I’m pretty sure I was paying attention and I didn’t hear her speak. This amongst a few other changes annoyed me about the first half, but I suppose they have to cram so much into a 2 hour film, that it’s understandable.

The second half however, completely made up for the first half. It was quite intense. I’d read somewhere that Stephanie Meyer and the other producers decided to change the ending, so I thought I knew what to expect. Like I said, no spoiling, but all I will say is, they are very clever those Twilight Producers. I was literally on the edge of my seat and at one point had tears, and I dont think any fan could predict what that change would be. It was like being at a pantomime, as myself and the rest of the audience were constantly either cheering, boo’ing, or would surprise ourselves with out loud gasps and cries.

The films end credits nearly had me in tears too, they were lovely. Beautiful music played out as they credited every single actor/character from the past five films which I thought was great, and everyone cheered as each person was credited.

What I Wore
I’m such a huge fan of Twilight, that to mark such a monumental  occasion in my life (yes, it was monumental), I did a quick DIY Jobbie the night before and created my own slogan Tee, which read: Love Bites (DIY post to follow). I teamed this with a black and white striped H&M skirt, black tights, my Boohoo Boots and a long black cardigan. I then applied my new favourite Rimmel Lipstick, which is a deep blood red, as I wanted to look quite Vampish!

Love Bites DIY T-shirt

All in all I had an amazing time, and as a huge fan of the Twilight Saga it felt incredible to be part of the Final UK Premiere, especially seeing the actors in person, that was an amazing bonus for me!

My Twilight Highlights of the night:

5)      Walking the Red Carpet

4)      The Opening credits (very beautiful)

3)      The end credits (very emotional)

2)      The Bella & Edward ‘montage’ that takes part in the movie, dont miss it (even more emotional!)

1)      Standing right next to Kristen Stewart


A few professional pics below for all you TwiHards

c/o twilight group

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