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Promax UK 2012

November 13, 2012

Last week I attended the Promax UK Conference 2012 (sponsored by Envy) which invites over 600 delegates from the UK TV industry to listen – and take part – in inspiring and informative sessions and debates. This was my first ever Promax, and I loved it. I know it’s not really blog related, but I thought I would do a post anyway since I took a few pics of the day and I had a great time.

I attended a discussion on the effects Social Media is having on our advertising. I got to meet Yuri Suzuki, a sound artist, designer and electronic musician who produces work that explores the realms of sound throughΒ intricately designed pieces. And I also got to attend a session hosted by E4 Presenter Rick Edwards all about Fan Culture. There was a video of case studies played to us, looking at the lloyal fans of Playstation, Marmite and Nike. Being a blogger, this was my favorite session of the day, it made me really appreciate my readers and followers. I may not be a hot shot well-known blogger with hundreds of subscribers, but thats not why I started my blog, and I really cherish the subscribers I do have. It’s great to encourage new subsribers but its more important to give my current readers what they want, and not lose sight of why I began blogging in the first place. So lots of love and Thanks goes out to all of my subscribers!

Heres a few snaps from the day:

Promax UK 2012

My Promax Pass // The amazing work of Yuri Suzuki (a video a bassline produced with just Gas & flames) // Free Coffee <3Β  // More amazing work by Yuri Suzuki // A sneaky snap in the Loo of my new Snood // The Promax Session Room // Lunch included some beautiful music by West One music Group

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