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Photo Diary – The Blogtober Project 2012

November 1, 2012

Blogtober takes place every year during the month of October and is a challenge for bloggers to do one post every day of the month. I’m not one for writing up diary posts as such, but I am obsessed with taking pictures and posting them on Instagram (follow me @TinkerbellJayne). So I decided I would do the Blogtober challenge my own way, via images. I had to post one picture per day under the hashtag ‘Blogtober’ to my tumblr account.

It was harder than I had originally anticipated; I was late starting so I missed the first few days, and then I randomly forgot Day 24. Sometimes if I’d been in the office all day and not had the chance to get snap-happy, the day would draw to a close and I would realise I had no photo and would have to just snap whatever was in front of me. Whereas other days would bring lots of photo opportunities and I would take loads of pictures and yet could only chose one to post as my Blogtober pic for that day. Anyhoo, I decided to collectively post them all on here as part of my Photo Diary. Enjoy …


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