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DIY Dip Dye / Ombre: Topping up Tips

October 16, 2012

After a summer of Pink Tips, I finally gave them up at the end of August. Re-dying them every two weeks was becoming exhausting, and not so cost effective. Maybe Iโ€™ll re-experiment in a few months time with a different brand of hair dye, but by the end of August, I threw in the towel and decided to let the pink wash out, leaving the original bleach in its place.

This actually didnโ€™t look too bad considering it had been a good seven months since I had done the original bleaching (which just reconfirms that Lโ€™Oreal Perfect Blonde is the only bleach worth using, and the only one I would recommend). But still, it had been seven months, and after the pink dye, my blonde was looking slightly miscoloured and dull. So last week I decided to re-bleach to obtain a bit of a blonder look, as well as Dip Dying larger sections of my hair (starting higher up).ย 

I followed the same steps as my very first Dip Dye (you can find the link to my Dip Dye tutorial below), the only thing I did differently was leave the bleach on my hair for less time, as most of the hair I was bleaching was already blonde. The parts that were not blonde, were the first sections that I took to so that they had more time to absorb it, then I bleached the rest. Once all the hard work was done, I left it on for just 20 minutes. This has actually given my Dip Dye a bit of a two-tone look to it. A fortunate accident!

For my full DIY DIP DYE Post, with โ€˜How Toโ€™ instructions CLICK HERE

Please remember, that patch tests are always important, even if you have dyed your hair previously. Wearing the Gloves, particularly when using bleach, is crucial as it could damage your skin. And as a little tip, so not to ruin your clothes, always wear a towel or cloth round your shoulders/top

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