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Arm Candy – Cutey

October 4, 2012


Just last week I was complaining about not having any new arm candy to play with, so I was delighted to receive some Bracelets to review from a brand called Cutey*. I’m not really one for wearing expensive ‘bling’ or elegant jewellery because a) I cant afford it and b) It’s not really my style; I much prefer to accessorise with funky bangles or colourful charms. So the Cutey bracelets that were sent to me were right up my street.

Cutey vs. Pandora

Firstly I have to point out that the Cutey charm bracelet is very similar to a Pandora charm bracelet, except it’s a fraction of the cost! So if you like Pandora, you will love Cutey. I own a Pandora bracelet, and whilst I do love it, I hardly ever wear it because I only have 3 little charms sitting on it – poor thing. The Pandora bracelet itself was Β£50 to purchase, and with prices of the charms starting at Β£20 and going well into the hundreds, I unfortunately don’t have the money to buy them. Which is why Cutey is the perfect brand for people on a budget, like myself. Prices range from just Β£12.99 to Β£14.99 per charm bracelet (charms included!) yet they look like you paid a lot more for them! And just like Pandora bracelet you can take off the charms and swap around, so you can add or subtract from your bracelet as much as you like.


Each charm bracelet has it’s own name and meaning. I was sent two bracelets, the first was called ‘Aether’ (inset left) named after a Greek God (very cool) “the God of the upper heaven, the sky, the lightest of all air”. According to Cutey, the delicate pinks on this bracelet represent a piece of heaven which should remind us to breathe joy and live life to the full. Not to get all emotional and sentimental, but I couldnt believe of all their bracelets I was sent this one. I found the meaning behind it really special and definitely applicable to me right now.


The second bracelet I recieved was ‘Typhon’ (inset right) which Cutey describe as “Unpredictable, quirky and wonderful, Typhon has the brightest of colours and embraces the unexpected. Perfect for you if you’re growing, searching and discovering”. Not to sound like too cheesey, but again, I loved the meaning behind this, I’m definitely in a place of self-discovery right now, so it was perfect.

I also think the names and meanings behind the bracelets not only make them a great treat for yourself, but a lovely gift for someone. Both of the bracelets I recieved cost Β£12.99, which i still can’t believe. Absoloute Bargain!

To find out more aboutΒ  Cutey, or to purchase a bracelet yourself, check out their website andΒ  follow them on Twitter to be the first to find out about their awesome competitions – @Cutey

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