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Hair DIY – The Double Plaited Headband

September 26, 2012

So here is my first ever hair tutorial (aside from the DIY Dip Dye I did a few months back) – it’s the double plaited headband. Whilst this look works brilliantly on clean washed hair, the main focus of this tutorial is to show you something very quick and easy to do with dull hair. In the photos I’ve taken, my hair is not clean or washed, so excuse the greasey tatts. But despite my unwashed hair, the end result looks tidy, detailed and like it took a lot of time and effort – which it didn’t.

Just follow these six simple steps – apologies for the muppet faces I’m pulling …

1) Make sure hair is dry and loose. As my hair was greasy, I sprayed a littleย Batiste onto my roots, but it’s up to you.

2) Then pull forward the front section of your hair (the hair in front of your ears) away from your face so that you can tie the rest of your hair up.

3) Now split this section into three. Leave one section on each side, and then clip back the top/middle section.

4) Plait the two side sections of hair, so that you have a thin plait on each side

5) Pull each plait across the top section of your hair

6) Secure each plait in place by clipping to the root of the other plait, adding hair spray to keep in place.

Once this is done, take down your hair, shake it loose, and there you have it – The Double Plaited Headband!

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