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How much is your face worth?

September 4, 2012

I saw this on ETC LLYMLRS, and have seen a few other bloggers do this too, so I thought I’d jump on the band wagon. I advise everyone to give it a go. Your either going to be shocked with yourself, or pleasantly surprised. The idea is to list all the make-up you wear on a daily basis and total it up to see how much your face is worth.

Unlike a lot of other bloggers I saw do this, I actually DO NOT spend a lot on my face; I rarely buy high-end make up. It’s not because I don’t care, it’s because I’m broke. If I was fortunate enough to be rolling around in money, I’d be smothering my face in expensive products. But unfortunately I have to get by on my little salary, which very little of is set aside for Beauty products. I suppose I do like to splash out on the odd bit of high-end make-up every now and then, Benefit and Mac being my favorite brands (and 17 being my best budget brand, I love 17!) but I’ve even purchased make-up off eBay before to avoid purchasing it full price (it’s brand new and packaged of course). So, here are the products I use, this doesnt include any skincare, treaments or brushes, just make-up:

Max Factor Xperience Foundation – £9.99 // 17 Instant Glow Shimmer Brick (Bronzer) – £4.99 // Benefit Brow Zings – brow shaping kit – £22.50 *My Most Expensive Item // 17 Soft Liner Pen – Eye Liner – £3.99 //17 Eye Pencil – £2.89 *My Least Exspensive Item // Mac Cremeblend Blush – RRP £17.50 but I actually paid £11 from a Beauty wholesaler on eBay // Mac Lipstick – RRP £14.00 but I picked it up at a sample sale for just £1 (I could never spend more than a tenner on a Lippy) // Rimmel Mascara – £4.99

Which means, my face is worth £61.35! Not bad. A lot of the other bloggers I saw do this tag had faces worth hundreds of pounds! And trust me, they look amazing for it, some really stunning, but as much as I love make-up, I’m just not one of those people who can spend a lot on Beauty, I much prefer my Beauty Bargains. I’m very proud to have a make-up bag packed full of high-street make-up and low budget cosmetics, and I’m quite pleased with my £61.35 face, it aint too shabby.

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