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Beauty Bargain – Batiste

September 2, 2012

I have become a batiste beast! I used to buy one can of batiste every summer to take to Festivals, I’d then keep it for the odd bad hair day or when I was having one my special ‘no-shower-hangover-daysโ€™. However these days I need to buy batiste in bulk, because I hate washing my hair. Itโ€™s become such a chore. As Iโ€™m aging, so is my hair, and its needing more and more care and attention, like some sort of annoying old lady. I used to be able to get away with two washes per-week, now my hair gets mad at me if I donโ€™t wash it daily, and punishes me by sulking in its own grease. But thereโ€™s so much to do – washing, rinsing, treatments, blow drying, more treatments, straightening โ€ฆย  Iโ€™m a grown-up now, I canโ€™t be doing do that every day!

So itโ€™s batiste to the rescue! Obviously batiste isnโ€™t going to wash your hair for you in one quick spray, but believe me it really does make a difference. It essentially refreshes your hair in between washes, meaning you can have an extra hour to snooze in your bed before you have to get up and face the real world.

How to become a batiste beast (how to apply):

All you need to do to is give the can a good shake, and then spray a little batiste on and around the roots. Then give it a little rub-in with your fingers. If youโ€™re in a rush, you can do this in 30 seconds, but if you have a little more time, Iโ€™d advise parting your hair into sections so your able to spray all your roots, and not just those at the top, this will give you more volume. Just make sure not to spray too close to your hair, or the spray will come out quite white and powdery. Itโ€™s best to hold the can at armโ€™s length when spraying.

Another way I apply when I want a really good โ€˜umphโ€™ to my roots and to create some big hair (or when Iโ€™m at a festival and am lacking a big mirror) is I tip my head upside down and just go wild with the Spray, spraying it everywhere, from all directions, and then really rub it into my scalp and hair, then I follow up with hair spray.

Batiste LaceBatiste Beauty

Batiste also has some great scents, my favourite being โ€˜Seductive & Elegant Laceโ€™ which Iโ€™m using at the moment. I love the smell so much that I sometimes apply the spray onto freshly washed hair, purely for the beautiful scent. And with the brand becoming much more popular these days, there is now a much larger range available, so you have dry-shampoo specifically for Blondes, for Brunettes, and even mini batiste that fit perfectly into your handbag (should you be planning to stay out somewhere!) An added bonus is the sexy packaging, itโ€™s really awesome. I love the Union Jack batiste (Iโ€™m keeping that on my shelf purely for dรฉcor) as well as the Leopard print.

Batiste Mini

Batiste Mini

But one of the main reasons I love batiste, is that itโ€™s an absolute bargain, costing around ยฃ2.99 per can, depending where you shop – great if your on a Beauty Budget (like me). I think Asda sell them even cheaper. And their large cans too, so you definitely get your moneys worth. And each can lasts a good while. Batiste is definitely number one on the list of Beauty Bargains!

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