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August 5, 2012

I’ve done a few DIY posts recently, I’m really trying to encourage ‘Saving without Sacrifice.’  I‘ve Dip Dyed, Tie Dyed, I‘ve even chopped my own hair, but I think this may be my favorite DIY post so far, mostly because it’s completely FREE, and I love the styles I’ve created. When funds are low you can still create a fabulous look.

The Jeans pictured above are a pair of Black Denim Victoria Beckham Jeans (DVB) from one of her 2009 collections that I picked up a few years ago in a charity shop (Princess Alice Hospice) for just £5. An absolute bargain. I’m not sure of their original RRP, but today DVB Jeans retail from £80 to £160, depending on the style. It just goes to show what you can find in second hand stores if you really look hard.

DIY-Ripped-Jeans-EssentialsAs nice as they are, I’ve wanted a pair of ripped jeans for some time now, so I chose this pair, as well as an old pair of United Colors of Benetton Jeans to rip. Here is all you need:

  • A pair of your old Jeans
  • A Sharp utensil (I used Scissors)
  • Wood or Thick Cardboard



1)      Place your thick card or wood inside the leg of the jeans, underneath the area you want to rip. This is to avoid ripping through to the back leg. I used the lid of a shoe box.

2)      Use one hand to hold down the area you want to rip, and carefully with your other hand use your sharp utensil to scratch a line repeatedly in that area.

DIY-How-To-Rip-Jeans3)      FOR SMALL RIPS/FRAY EFFECT:  Scratch small lines close together, making sure not to rip any wholes, you just want the fabric to thin out. As it does this it should begin to fray. Pull the cotton with your fingers so that your slightly fraying it, enhancing the worn look.

4)      FOR LARGE RIPS: Scratch wide lines (it will take longer than scratching small lines) until a slit starts to appear, then use your fingers to pull the whole apart gently, and pull the cotton to give the fray effect.



It’s completely up to you how you decide to do the rips. As you can see from the photos below, I did two very different styles. I completely ripped from top to bottom of the DVB Jeans, the rips getting smaller as they move down the leg. However the Benetton Jeans I just made to look a little worn and torn by putting  one rip in each leg and some small fraying at the top.

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