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Photo Diary #7

July 10, 2012

Life through my lens โ€ฆ

… haven’t updated the Lens Diary in a while. I’ve been fairly busy in work, and suprisingsly busy outside of the office to. I’ve been sticking to my savings plan by doing free stuff, or doing cheap and cheerful things.

Got the Rollers out to curl my Tips // I was given some โ€˜Dickheadโ€™ glasses as a gift // The Olympic Rings went up outside work // We had Mugly come into work for a photo shoot (Mugly recently went to America where he was crowned the Ugliest Dog in the world) // Mugly and I ย // Flowers from Larzy // My flatmate DJโ€™ing // After months of saving, a splurge at Costa was necessary // Toadie & Sonya from Neighbours came into the office // Weโ€™ve really been getting into our cooking for our Aldi account (follow us!) // Went to watch the (disappointing) laser show at The Shard // It was that disappointing we played with the camera instead // Taking a stroll along London Bridge // I re-dyed my Tips a much darker pink โ€“ love it // Enjoying a FREE night out at PROJECT in Central // A very lazy Sunday with Larzy

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