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The DIY Dip Dye – Pink Moon

May 29, 2012

Every morning, my inbox is flooded with emails from the likes of Groupon, Wowcher and LivingSocial. I’m constantly broke so they are normally deleted straight away – I’m not even sure why I signed up to them – but every now and then I’ll have a browse for something in my price range (£10 and under!). Today, the word Balliage grabbed my attention, a word familiar to me as it was thrown about rather loosely in a conversation between me and a hairdresser back in January, when I went in for a Dip Dye (apparently a Balliage) and came out with a mess (apparently a Balliage) …. as well as an £85 bill.

Living Social Voucher Tink JayneMy eyes scanned the email for the Balliage voucher, and there it was, the special offer *rolls eyes* for a Balliage and Haircut by Andrew Jose, for the discount price *more eye rolling* of £99, down from £260! Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m refusing to roll with the times, but is £260 not a lot of money anymore? I was under the impression the economy was still in a bit of a struggle at the moment; who, apart from Cheryl Cole, goes and spends £260 on a Balliage? Fair enough, it’s been dropped to £99 on this one day only, lovely very kind, but I still thank that’s a high price to pay for a bit of colour on your hair and a trim.

This is why I am still trying to encourage others to go down the DIY route like me. In April I did my DIY Dip Dye for a total cost of £6 and last week I even did a DIY Haircut for the total cost of FREE. So on Saturday evening, whilst watching Eurovision, I re-did my Dip Dye with the colour ‘Pink Moon’!

tink jayne paintbox by fudgeDoing tips from blonde to pink (or any colour for that matter) is the easiest type of DIY hairstyling, because once you’ve bleached your tips previously, all you need to do to add colour to them is literally add the dye to your hair by smothering it all over the ends and combing it through (whilst wearing protective gloves obviously). I used ‘Paint Box’ by Fudge, which ranges from £6.99 to £8.50. I like to purchase from my Local Hair Shop (and for North Londoners, I highly recommend checking it out – Global Hair & Beauty) and it’s also available on various websites – you can find a list below. It’s available in a stupid amount of colours, including Cherry Bomb, Pretty Flamingo, Vendetta Red and even GoldFinger!

The colour came out really well; however, the instructions on the back do say it should only last a couple of washes, maybe more if you have previously bleached to make the colour more intense. I’m on the lookout for a brand that will be more permanent. I’ve heard good things about a New York brand called Manic Panic which I’m going to look into. But for now, I’ve still got half a tube of Pink Moon Paint Box to get through. Wow – that’s two DIY Dip Dye’s in just one £6.99 tube, not bad ..Take that, Andrew Jose!

Pink DIY Dip Dye Ombre Tink Jayne

PaintBox by Fudge is available from the following:

Fudge Hair
Shop Rush
Hair Trader

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