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The DIY Hair Cut

May 22, 2012

I bit the bullet and finally cut my own hair. It wasnโ€™t as scary as I imagined, in fact it was quite liberating.

As I have previously mentioned, I detest paying extortionate prices for an appointment at a London hair salon. I only end up leaving each hairdresser feeling frustrated, dissapointed โ€ฆ oh and robbed. So I decided to take full control of my own hair again. I began with a DIY Dip Dye/Ombre back in April, which turned out to be a success. My next planned DIY task was to cut my hair. I kept putting it off, but eventually I just took the scissors to my nasty split ends. I would love to offer a detailed bloggers step-by-step guide to how to trim your own hair, but I literally just washed it, combed it, and with the help of my big sis (itโ€™s a good idea to have a grown-up oversee the procedure) I hacked it off on two swift chops …..




So I probably couldnโ€™t cut in any fancy layers, or hack it short-short, but I did the basics, and it cost me Sweet F.A. and took less than 5 minutes. I advise everyone to at least once in your life cut your own hair (with caution!)

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