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February 14, 2012

Today I read an article. The article was titled: How to prevent the Valentineโ€™s day blues. โ€˜Ah, I could do with a giggleโ€™ I thought, assuming it was going to be a humorous read, no doubt mocking the holiday. However, I was disappointed to find that it was in fact a sincere article, written by a chap named Dr. Anthony, who had struggled with Valentineโ€™s day for many many years, opening up the article with โ€œI have a confession: I hate Valentineโ€™s Dayโ€ (wow, shocker).

Not only did Dr Anthony drone on about how difficult it is to be alone on such a holiday (I can think of worse holidays to be alone on. Christmas surely?) but he then dishes out advice on how to escape the pain and loneliness of Valentineโ€™s Day – โ€œAs a happily married physician, there are a few healthy options I recommend to my single patients to prevent the Valentineโ€™s Day bluesโ€ and with that smug remark, he then serves up the list. An apparently scientifically proven list of things single people can do on February 14th to avoid pain and unhappiness, and be able to go out and enjoy their lives on this particularly difficult day.

He states the obvious, from โ€œWatch a funny movieโ€ to the utterly stupid โ€œAdopt a pet from a shelterโ€. Each recommendation has its own little in-depth paragraph that all start with โ€œStudies have shown that …โ€ and then he rants on about pets and exercise and endorphins.

Really? I canโ€™t believe this article is genuine. Itโ€™s Valentineโ€™s day for goodness sake. Itโ€™s just one day out of 365 days of our calendar year. I understand that thanks to the likes of Hollywood, Hallmark, McDonalds & all the other crappy corporations that glorify this holiday, that yes, it is difficult to completely ignore it. We havenโ€™t even finished singing Auld Lang Syne and the shops are already kitted out in pink & red banners to remind us V-Day is โ€˜just around the cornerโ€™. But you can still get away with not acknowledging it. Okay so this year I happen to be in a relationship (which I am NOT smug about … sort of), but Iโ€™ve been single plenty of times on February 14th and I wasnโ€™t sitting around crying about it. I was single last year. And I didnโ€™t panic about it, nor did I worry about feeling lonely for an entire 24 hours, no, I went and spent it with my family, yโ€™know, those other people your meant to love.

And all this nonsense about people getting depressed because they see so many loved-up couples everywhere, wining and dining, couples holding hands, girls holding flowers … does this not happen any other time of the year? I see it happen all the time, restaurants are always full of couples, I see men and women holding hands on a daily basis, itโ€™s not just Valentines, itโ€™s all year round. In fact sometimes I see a little too much – if I have to sit next to a teenage couple on the underground, who are sticking their tongues down each otherโ€™s throat and groping each otherโ€™s bum cheeks, then I see no reason why I canโ€™t have a little PDA on Valentineโ€™s day with my boyfriend without worrying about upsetting someone.


I did get flowers though *smug grin*

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