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Liquid Bananas – and other single girl symptoms

January 17, 2011

January: Christmas is over, as are the New Year celebrations. I’m a few pounds heavier from all the festive food and my skin feels disgusting due to the amount of alcohol I’ve drunk (if you are what you eat, by January 1st I was a cider marinated Turkey with a side dish of Quality Streets). January means going back to work after an amazing and merry time off – back to life, back to reality. For these reasons, it’s easy to understand why the January Blues kick in for so many people.

But not me! I like January, for me it’s the month for a fresh start, I get to forget about last years mistakes and have a brand new beginning; I enjoy making my new years resolution(s), making plans for the future and just looking ahead to what the year may bring.

So I was pretty gutted with my horrific start to 2011.

On the fifth day of my fresh start I had a date planned. Yay. On the tube to work, I noticed I was a bit sniffley, but I thought nothing of it. By lunch time I noticed I was sneezing quite a lot, hmmm, probably just allergic to the new perfume I got for Christmas. I refused to be sick, I dont do Sick Girl. I dont like taking time off work (and I didn’t want to cancel my date). But by mid-afternoon, I had a temperature, a headache and so much snot streaming out my nose that there was no way that I could go on my date.

By 7.30pm I was home and in bed. I was officially sick girl.

The first three days I was suffering from the normal flu symptoms, snotty nose, sore head, aching body and feeling generally run down. But on day four of playing Sick Girl, I awoke with an extremely sore throat and, weirdly, a horrifically sore mouth! I was freezing cold but sweating buckets. And I remained that way for the next six days. My fresh start was turning out to be not so fresh.

My six days of being sick with the weird throat/mouth plague were agonising. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t chew and I could barely swallow. Doctors orders were no hot food and no solid food, no tea and no coffee, therefore my diet for the week consisted of Ben & Jerrys, water and penicillin. At one point I was so desperate for something other than ice cream, and for something healthy, that I liquidized bananas in hope it would turn out as a banana milkshake. Fail. I suppose the first clue to making a milkshake would be to add milk, and then maybe some sugar, but it didn’t even cross my mind. Instead I just had liquid bananas. Eugh.

I was feeling pretty useless, and moody and when I’m ill, I’m emotional. So along with my illness, came a spell of feeling sorry for myself! I felt lonely, and there was no one to look after me. As much as I like to think of myself as an independent woman, during my Sick Girl stint, there was nothing I wanted more, than for a seriously hot guy to take care of me (eye candy always soothes the flu!). Yes, a nice chap to fetch me a hot water bottle, to change the plague soaked sheets on my bed, and to even liquidise my bananas for me. Or atleast go McDonalds and buy me a proper banana milkshake. Isn’t that what being in a relationship is all about? Looking after one another “in Sickness and in Health?”

But alas, I had no beautiful man at my bedside, or ugly one for that matter. And I felt pretty crappy about that.I wanted cuddles (although it would have been a struggle to find someone who was willing to cuddle the sweaty, snotty, swollen mess that I was).

On day five of my weird throat/mouth plague my sister text me to say she would be visiting me that evening and asked if there was anything I needed, anything I wanted, she promised to bring. Wow. How pathetic and over dramatic I was being. Erm, why did I think I needed a boyfriend to look after me? My sister was only down the road, plus I had two perfectly lovely housemates to fetch me things and help me liquidise anything I wanted. And that they did.

Today is my seventh day on the penicillin and although my mouth is still a little painful, the fever has ended and the sore throat is no more. I can now swallow, chew and talk, and there was no boyfriend of any kind involved in my recovery – just me, my family and my friends. High five for Independent women (and flatmate support).

Tomorrow is a new day, back to work, back to life, back to reality, and I can continue where I left off with my 2011 fresh start, and I can’t wait :)

2011 New Years Resolutions:

1) Be more creative (or just do something!) with my hair

2)No liquidising anything; especially bananas

Tink Jayne x

[Blog Post dedicated to my two lovely sisters]

  • I will never forget Mum’s mantra “WE DON’T NEED A MAN!!”, when she came to help me sort my house out a few months back. Even when we where trapped on the stairs, with furniture threatening to slide down on top of us as we tried to move it up to the office, she still insisted we could do it and that “We don’t need a man!”. We did it, eventually. She was right we didn’t need a man…. but it would have been SO much easier with one! Isn’t that why we want one, for the easy life!

    On a completely different note: With reading your blog and discovering the very first series of Sex and the City (never really watched the early series before) I have been very tempted to begin writing my own blog on the single (parent) life. Don’t know if my writing skills are good enough though. Will ponder over it some more.

  • Tinkerbell Jayne

    I think you should write the Single (Parent) Life blog – do it! It would certainly be an interesting read. It’s nice that my blog has inspired this, lets ignore Sex and the City S1, I shall take full credit for this instead :)

    On a different note: Hang on? Did you just say that we want a men for an easy life?? Men do not make life easy, sure they can like, build stuff, and carry stuff, and get rid of big scary-ass spiders for us, but let me list some not so easy things about them:
    -They can never make their minds up because they never know what they want
    -They lie, they do it so much, they don’t even know they’re doing it anymore
    -They say they will call or text and then don’t do either
    -They say they are happy – but then dump you two days later
    -They don’t understand Twilight
    -They hate carrie Bradshaw
    -They don’t even kill the spiders we ask them to get rid of, they just put them in the garden because “it’s too cruel” – which means the spider just crawls back in somehow. In fact, I don’t know any man thats killed a spider!

    I could go on!

  • You’re right I totally should!

    Watch this space….

  • will be launching within the next few days