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Liquid Bananas – and other single girl symptoms

January 17, 2011

January: Christmas is over, as are the New Year celebrations. I’mΒ a few pounds heavier from all the festive food and my skin feels disgusting due to the amount of alcohol I’ve drunk (if you are what you eat, by January 1st I was a cider marinated Turkey with a side dish of Quality Streets). January means going back to work after an amazing and merry time off – back to life, back to reality. For these reasons, it’s easy to understand why the January Blues kick in for so many people.

But not me! I like January, for me it’s the month for a fresh start, I get to forget about last years mistakes and have a brand new beginning; I enjoy making my new years resolution(s), making plans for the future and just looking ahead to what the year may bring.

So I was pretty gutted with my horrific start to 2011.

On the fifth day of my fresh start I had a date planned. Yay. On the tube to work, I noticed I was a bit sniffley, but I thought nothing of it. By lunch time I noticed I was sneezing quite a lot, hmmm, probably just allergic to the new perfume I got for Christmas. I refused to be sick, I dont do Sick Girl. I dont like taking time off work (and I didn’t want to cancel my date). But by mid-afternoon, I had a temperature, a headache and so much snot streaming out my nose that there was no way that I could go on my date.

By 7.30pm I was home and in bed. I was officially sick girl.

The first three days I was suffering from the normal flu symptoms, snotty nose, sore head, aching body and feeling generally run down. But on day four of playing Sick Girl, I awoke with an extremely sore throat and, weirdly, a horrifically sore mouth! I was freezing cold but sweating buckets. And I remained that way for the next six days. My fresh start was turning out to be not so fresh.

My six days of being sick with the weird throat/mouth plague were agonising. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t chew and I could barely swallow. Doctors orders were no hot food and no solid food, no tea and no coffee, therefore my diet for the week consisted of Ben & Jerrys, water and penicillin. At one point I was so desperate for something other than ice cream, and for something healthy, that I liquidized bananas in hope it would turn out as a banana milkshake. Fail. I suppose the first clue to making a milkshake would be to add milk, and then maybe some sugar, but it didn’t even cross my mind. Instead I just had liquid bananas. Eugh.

I was feeling pretty useless, and moody and when I’m ill, I’m emotional. So along with my illness, came a spell of feeling sorry for myself! I felt lonely, and there was no one to look after me. As much as I like to think of myself as an independent woman, during my Sick Girl stint, there was nothing I wanted more, than for a seriously hot guy to take care of me (eye candy always soothes the flu!). Yes, a nice chapΒ to fetch me a hot water bottle, to change the plague soaked sheets on my bed, and to even liquidise my bananas for me. Or atleast go McDonalds and buy me a proper banana milkshake. Isn’t that what being in a relationship is all about? Looking after one another β€œin Sickness and in Health?”

But alas, I had no beautiful man at my bedside, or ugly one for that matter. And I felt pretty crappy about that.I wanted cuddles (although it would have been a struggle to find someone who was willing to cuddle the sweaty, snotty, swollen mess that I was).

On day five of my weird throat/mouth plague my sister text me to say she would be visiting me that evening and asked if there was anything I needed, anything I wanted, she promised to bring. Wow. How pathetic and over dramatic I was being. Erm, why did I think I needed a boyfriend to look after me? My sister was only down the road, plus I had two perfectly lovely housemates to fetch me things and help me liquidise anything I wanted. And that they did.

Today is my seventh day on the penicillin and although my mouth is still a little painful, the fever has ended and the sore throat is no more. I can now swallow, chew and talk, and there was no boyfriend of any kind involved in my recovery – just me, my family and my friends. High five for Independent women (and flatmate support).

Tomorrow is a new day, back to work, back to life, back to reality, and I can continue where I left off with my 2011 fresh start, and I canÒ€ℒt wait :)

2011 New Years Resolutions:

1) Be more creative (or just do something!) with my hair

2)No liquidising anything; especially bananas

Tink Jayne x

[Blog Post dedicated to my two lovely sisters]