Top Tips for Protecting your Skin this Winter


Early nights, dark mornings and wet afternoons. Yup, Winter is officially here. Whilst I love Winter for its fashion and festivities, it can be a harsh season for your health, your hair and in particular your skin. Cracked skin, cold hands, chapped lips, I’m shuddering just thinking about it. Fortunately the folks over at the British Skin Foundation, in particular Consultant Dermatologist Dr Bav Shergill, have been kind enough to offer up the best tips for protecting your skin over these cold winter months, with a few added recommendations from me…

Moisturise Regularly

Dr Bav Shergill Says: “Make sure you’re moisturising regularly and use an emollient that’s right for you – keeping skin moist is imperative to avoid it getting cracked and infected.”

Personally I love using Nivea Q10 Firming Lotion for my body and for my face I opt for Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser, it does exactly what it says on the tin, and is great for sensitive skin. Oh, that rhymed.

Dr Bav Shergill Says: “Avoid harsh, alcohol-based cleansers and soaps. Stay away from cleaning products that contain alcohol and go easy on the exfoliation.”

Both my Simple Foam Cleanser and my Simple Soothing Toner completely lack the alcohol base that most other cleansing products have, meaning they are much gentler on your skin when your washing all that daily dirt and make up from your face and neck.

Carry a Lip Salve in your bag

Dr Bav Shergill Says: “One of the best and simplest ways to combat the winter effects on skin is to regularly apply lip salves. This will help replenish the lost moisture from the skin.”

During the Winter months, my lips get terribly chapped and, dare I say it, crusty (!). So I’ve made it a habit of mine to always carry around a little tub of lip salve with me. I don’t mind Vaseline but I find it can get quite messy half way through the tub, so I use these Derma V10 lip jellies instead. They are less messy, but work wonders, and as you can see from this haul, they are very cheap. However if you don’t mind paying a bit more, I’ve heard amazing things about the Clarins moisturising lip balm, but be warned, it’s a bit pricier than a tub of Vaseline costing upto £18

Wrap Up

Dr Bav Shergill Says: “Protect skin with warm clothing whilst outside. If the rain makes your clothes damp, ensure that you change into something dry as soon as possible and don’t leave wet clothes in contact with your skin which may cause further irritation or chaffing.”

So gloves, hat and scarf. Not only an important tip, but one that means you get to go shopping for some fab new gloves and a hat and scarf. I’ve got my eye on this snug looking faux hur headpiece and these chunky mits

Dr Bav Shergill Says: “Be careful with the kinds of clothes you wear. Some materials, for example, lamb’s wool, may irritate skin and cause flare-ups.”

I actually fainted once due to being wrapped up in woolly itchy winter wear that was irritating my skin and flaring up my temperature. True Story! Make sure you don’t wrap up too much, and no matter how pretty the garment, make sure it doesn’t irritate your skin

Don’t go OTT on the heating

Dr Bav Shergill Says: “Whilst it’s natural to want to stay warm indoors, even the central heating can affect our skin. The drier air in centrally heated buildings means the skin can dry out, so try not to turn the thermostat up to maximum”.

Not to mention it will save on the bills! Maybe try going out for walks in the fresh air too.

Dr Bav Shergill Says: “Avoid the temptation to have a long hot bath, as this can strip away much needed natural oil from the skin. Try and shorten the length of time and remember to keep the water temperature warm”

This is actually a really difficult one for me, because I love my long hot baths (not that I even have a bath, but when I visit my Parents you can’t get me out the thing!) but it can’t be doing my skin much good to be soaking it in boiling water! I’d probably have to distract myself from the lack of scalding water by filling my baths with lots of pretty bath bombs. Any excuse to go to Lush.


Have you found these tips helpful? If so, then why not show your appreciation to the British Skin Foundation by doing some online shopping! You see, when you sign up to, every time you shop with certain online retailers (Amazon, Asos, Tesco, and John Lewis to name just a few) a donation is made to the British Skin Foundation. It doesn’t cost you a penny; instead the retailer donates a percentage of the sale. You get to shop, and the charity comes out on top. It’s a no-brainer really!

For further info or for more skincare tips I suggest checking out BSF’s website or tweet them your question at  @BSFCharity . Or even better yet, add them to your Facebook Feed by liking their Facebook Page

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What happens in Vegas….

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed more than a few Las Vegas posts. I was lucky enough to spend seven nights in this fun, flashy, fast-paced city where the drinks are free, the food is fantastic and everything is bigger and better. It was both mine and the Beards first time and our expectations were exceeded. From hotel roller coasters with jaw-dropping views, to insane nightclubs and cocktails bars; we absolutely loved it. We got to spend Halloween there too which was mental (Americans know how to do fancy dress properly!) Anywho, I just wanted share my Vegas Vlog with you guys, make sure to watch it all if you want to see all the crazy Halloween havoc we caused. I’ve also posted a few photo’s below. There are plenty more Vegas posts to come, including a Grand Canyon one – that post I am very excited about – but for now, sit back, relax and check out what happened in Vegas, because it never stays there…

(Pssst, also, if you haven’t yet, fancy voting for my blog? Click here to get your vote in x x)




An Easy Peasy Pudding (with a taste of Nostalgia)

On Tuesday night I found myself in quite a pickle – there was no chocolate in the flat! This was a disaster for me, the girl who eats chocolate on a daily basis, especially as it was far too cold and wet to run to the shops. In the need for something sweet I ran to my kitchen cupboard and scrambled about hoping to find something, anything, even a dried up old hobnob would suffice. To my delight, I found some Angels Delight. Does anyone else hear the words ‘Angels Delight’ and immediately think of their childhood? It was a real treat when my Mum made it for us. We rarely had strawberry or chocolate flavour, always choosing Butterscotch (everyone knows it’s the best flavour).

pudding2Feeling a little creative I decided to whip myself up a bit of a fancy-ish pudding and it turned out so well I thought I would share it with you guys. If you’re throwing a dinner party over the festive season, but are a complete kitchen-phobe, then this is the recipe for you. It’s simple, super-quick, but can be made to look a little more elaborate than your average bowl of mouse. It’s also a mega cheap idea, Angels Delight is only 50p a packet, and although I used a whole one for mine, you could make two, maybe even three puddings, out of one sachet.

It’s easy. Just make the Angels Delight (by whisking the powder with 300ml of milk), then pour into something that isn’t a bowl, I chose a jar, but I also though a martini glass could be fun? Or if your doing mini deserts, how about shot glasses? Leave it for about 60 seconds to set (see, super-quick) and then top with cream. Finally add any other toppings you may want. I sprinkled coco powder over mine to give it a little bit of festive flavour, but you could add sprinkles, marshmallows, a cherry, or you could make it uber-Christmassy by sticking a candy cane in it. Go mad!




Be Bold • The National UK Blog Awards 2015


I’m afraid I’m going to annoy the hell out of you all by doing another ‘if you like this blog, please vote for me’ plea. Well, it’s not exactly a plea (I’m not on trial) it’s more of a favour (yes, another one). I am so very appreciative of all your wonderful Cosmo votes, they meant so much to me, and I am eternally grateful to every single one of you for giving me that amazing opportunity (more about all that jazz over here). But if you could spare just one more minute of your time, I could do with another cheeky vote…

I have been nominated for a UKBA for their 2015 awards for ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’ *does a little dance* It all begins with a public vote, which takes place over the next 21 days. Then in December the top 10 blogs from each category are shortlisted and later announced. The finalists then get to attend the awards next year where the winners are crowned by a Panel of industry experts. Sounds amazing, right? (Although I don’t think there is any actual crowns awarded, but instead some snazzy plaques).

If you read my blog, like it, and find it worthy a vote, then just Click Here or on the button below to be taken to my Voting Page. This voting page is very simple and takes less than 30 seconds to complete, just enter your name, then your email address, hit submit. Easy Peasy.

voteVery surprisingly, I was also nominated for ‘Most Innovative Blog’ *does another little dance, a slightly more innovative one* I am not feeling too confident about this category, hence pleading asking kindly for votes in the Best Lifestyle category as a priority over this one. But of course, if you fancy sparing two minutes instead of just one, then please feel free to vote for me in this category too by Clicking Here, it would mean so much.

I apologise for the ‘please vote’ post, I know there isn’t much content to it bar me giving you voting instructions, boooring. But as I said in my very first vote request, you’ve got to be in it to win it! I don’t expect to be shortlisted, but by golly I can try, after all the UKBA 2015 theme – and hashtag – is #BeBold and I intend to. Whilst blogging in my bed on a Sunday afternoon is my favorite thing to do, I intend to take my blog places, BIG places, and make it not just about Tink, but All About EVERYTHING (picture a ‘Pinky & The Brain’ situation but a lot less evil, I’m Pinky, the Blog is the Brain!)

Voting closes Monday 10th December 2014, so lets get them votes in. Once you’ve voted it would be great if you could share the love on Twitter, don’t forget to tweet me and use hashtags #UKBA15 and #BeBold




Photo Diary Special • The Blogtober Project 2014

This year was my third year taking part in Blogtober. Once again I put my usual spin on it, snapping up pics and instagraming them on a daily basis, as appose to writing a post every day (they do say ‘an image speaks a thousand words’ so really it’s just my laziness getting the better of me). I normally post my Blogtober pics as soon as we’ve headed into the month of November, but this year my post is quite late as I was in America up until last Thursday.

Blogtober was a fantastic month, kicking off in North London and ending in Las Vegas, with so much going on in between; there was the Cosmo Blog Awards, a trip to Liverpool, the Cheltenham Races, and not forgetting Comicon. I managed to snap up 30 days, but had to skip day 27 due to pure hectic mayhem and stress. But enough gabbing about it, check it out for yourself….



UK blog Awards

Hello from Las Vegas

I’m half way through my Vegas trip and I’m genuinely struggling to find the words to describe how awesome this place is. It’s true what they say, Vegas really is like Disneyland for Adults! I’m having the time of my life. It’s quite odd being on this kind of trip; I’m used to sleeping in hostel dorms and bartering for friendship bracelets with the locals. There is bartering to be done here in Vegas, but it’s usually over the price of a Limousine or a Party Bus. Partying, gambling, expensive casino’s and luxury hotels (with their own Roller Coasters!) this place is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

Of course there is more to do here than just drink and gamble. First of all there is the food. Incredible. I’ve been eating Pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast, huge corn beef sandwiches for lunch and last night I had the tastiest steak I’ve ever had over at Caesars Palace. From cheap burger joints and Pizza stands, to plush 5 star restaurants, Vegas has got all the food you could want. Then there is the shopping. Every Hotel and Casino has its own mall, some featuring the likes of Louis Vuitton and Gucci, others H&M and Topshop. Then there are all the discount stores and my favourites, the tacky gift shops filled with Las Vegas t-shirts, lighters and hats.

Then there are the big activities to do, such as the Grand Canyon, which we are doing tomorrow. Eeek! I’m so excited, I’m here with a few others, and six of us have booked ourselves onto a 5 star helicopter ride over Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. I’m a little nervous about riding a helicopter for the first time, but I’m hoping I’ll be so busy taking in the views I won’t have time to be scared!

I’ve been Vlogging and taking photos so I’ll be doing some proper Vegas posts when I get back (plus my Blogtober post, I haven’t forgotten). But for now, make sure to be following my all my Instagram actionand all my tweets over the next half of my Vegas trip.



UK blog Awards