Uzuma Juice • Pulp but no Fiction

Why is it that everything that tastes so good, is so bad for us? Coca-Cola, Tea, Coffee, even the Naked Juices ‘Superfood’ that I blogged about last month; yes they taste amazing but they are not as natural and healthy as they advertise to be (in fact a few too many and you might have some gas problems). Then there is the stuff that doesn’t taste so great, but of course is very very good for us. Such as Uzuma Green Juices. Whilst all the green-juicing, vegan-eating, thai chi experts out there probably love the taste of Uzuma, pizza-eating, cake-addict, tea drinking Tink doesn’t really have the acquired taste. I am unfortunately too used to the overly-sweet flavour of all these highly addictive high-in-sugar drinks (Dam you Pepsi-co, Dam you).

But would the green and healthy taste of Uzuma stop me from drinking it? Hell to the NO. Despite the veggie taste, and all the pulp – there is A LOT of pulp – I still drank them, because Uzuma is actually juice, like real juice, and by that I mean no added sugars, no added purees, no added flavours and no added wheat. And when I say ‘no added’ I mean you won’t find a disclaimer on the underneath of the bottle in size 0.9 font telling you ‘we may have added some stuff, some bad stuff.’ Nope. Uzuma is all good, packing in one giant kilo of raw fruit and veg into a little bottle. But this video probably explains it better than I can…

I have to admit when the box of Uzuma* first arrived on my doorstep, I was a little surprised. Although I had happily accepted Uzuma’s offer of some tasters, I wasn’t expecting this many. In the box sat 28 bottles of seven different flavours. I wasn’t planning on a juice cleanse “Do I have to swap all my food for these bottles of juice now?” I whinged to my boyfriend, “…or do I just drink it Sporadically?” (Cher Horowitz would be proud) But Uzuma’s website soon answered all the questions I had. The site is really helpful and simple to navigate around; it starts by asking you to input your gender, age, height and weight in order to detect which Uzuma package is best for you (Slim / Steady / Fit). Each Uzuma package has a chart that tells you what juices to drink and when (see below). It’s not complicated at all, you have two bottles per day over 14 days, one at 10am, and another around 2pm, but each day and time slot has a different juice. And you just add them to your normal diet, so no need to go starving yourself and surviving on a liquid diet. Just don’t get Uzuma juices confused with cleansing juices. Uzuma isn’t about losing weight but about making sure you’re getting all the daily nutrition without all the hassle of actually sourcing it (although Uzuma do offer a Detox package, but I can’t say I’ve tried it).

uzuma chart

I tried the Uzuma juices for ten days, and although I wasn’t crazy about the taste (the Uzuma Vibe just taste like Beetroot juice, eurgh, however I did enjoy Uzuma Rise, very citrusy) there were plenty of other things I loved about them:

  • The Uzuma juices were easy to add to my diet without giving up any of my treats
  • My Uzuma package (Fit) didn’t require any changes to my lifestyle
  • I found I had more energy throughout the day and therefore slept better at night
  • They are the perfect size to pop into even my small bags, so great to carry around on-the-go
  • Despite not liking the taste, they are only small and therefore easy to quickly down in a few seconds

I’ve also heard that Uzuma juices build up a better immune system for you and are meant to be really good for your skin, probably something to do with all those vitamins and minerals (there is a kilo’s worth in there after all). I couldn’t afford to have Uzuma stocked in my fridge or my cupboard all the time, each 14 day package is 98 Euros (around £77), but much like my thoughts on the teatox, it’s something I would maybe do a few times a year to give my body that healthy boost it needs.

Have you tried Uzuma? Are you green juice type person? Yes? So you actually like the taste of raw veg all mixed into one? Or do you, like me, just swallow it down because the rest of your diet is atrocious and you hope this will make up for it? Thoughts please :)




This one time, In Ireland…

Hello there from a very tired, dishevelled (and possibly still merry) Tink Jayne! Lastnight I got back from Ireland where I spent five days hanging out with some amazing Irish friends of mine, two of whom I hadn’t seen in two years, and one very special friend, Claire, I hadn’t seen in 18 months. I used to see her pretty Irish face every day when she lived with me in London, but she shipped herself back to Dublin about six months before I shipped myself off to Asia, so to say visitations have been a little sparse would be an understatement.

A reunion was definitely in order, as were Birthday Celebrations for the Beard (which was yesterday), plus I really wanted an excuse for a holiday, so when Claire invited us over for a long weekend in Ireland we of course said ‘YES’. We booked our flights a few weeks ago and after an unusually short countdown, on Thursday me and the Beard flew from London to Dublin to meet Claire, her Fiance Noel and our friend Alice from Kilkenny. Thursday night was spent in Dublin catching up on two years of missed chitchat (that’s a lot of chitchat, it took us till 2am to be fully up to speed) but on Friday morning we drove to Donegal where we were joined by Claire and Noel’s friend Collum and here we spent three days enjoying the Irish countryside. I took a GoPro with me, so I have plenty of pictures and videos coming your way, I’m just going to spend the next few days sorting through the footage and editing, so bare with me. But for now, I just wanted to share a few observations I made during my time in the lovely country of Ireland:

Being in Ireland gives you the ability to drink – a lot! I know the Irish can drink, but I didn’t expect to be able to drink a lot myself, yet I did five nights on the trot. That’s a lot for me. I don’t know how I did it? Maybe there is something in the air over there.
Ireland has white sand beaches Who Knew?
The Irish countryside is breath-taking Hills and Mountains as far as the eye can see. Miles and Miles of green fields. Smooth flat lakes reflecting the beauty of the country. Stunning, just stunning.
Local Pub Music is the best entertainment No drunk girls on karaoke or boy band wannabe’s poorly presenting an open mic night. Nope, in Ireland a local band turns up to the pub with their instruments, probably un-booked, they sit in the corner with a pint, start playing their music and everyone and anyone can join in for a good old sing song.
Everything sounds funnier in an Irish accent It just does. I might start putting one on when I tell jokes.
The Irish like to look after their tush In Ireland they have lovely soft toilet paper everywhere. In England our clubs and pubs have that horrible dry, rough tissue, but not in Ireland, every loo I used had lovely soft toilet paper.




Backpacker Life • What’s in my Backpack?

backpack mi-pac

I’ve never done a ‘What’s in My Bag?’ post, probably because you’d mostly find old snotty tissues, scrumpled up post-it notes, battered books, chocolate wrappers and a trillion pens. Not that interesting really. But I thought it might be handy if I did a ‘What’s in my Backpack?’ post, that’s much more to my taste. And since I’m going on a little adventure to Ireland later this week, I thought it was a great opportunity to snap some pictures of what I’m actually taking in my backpack. PLUS I have a new pretty backpack to show off, it’s a Mia-Pac backpack that I ordered from Surfdrome a few weeks ago for just £24.99, bargain or what? I’m trying to test out if stylish backpacks can sustain the travel lifestyle. Read more about it here.

This list of ‘What’s in my Backpack’ is not only what I’ll be carrying around with me as I adventure in Ireland, but it’s also pretty much what I would pack in a bag if I was doing any kind of day trip, including the ones I did across China, South East Asia and Australia. So, what’s in my backpack?
whats in my backpack
Notepad & Pen I like to carry a notebook around everywhere with me, even in my day-to-day handbag, just in case I feel inspired to write or come up with an idea for a post that I don’t want to forget (plus, if I ever find myself stranded, I may need to approach the idea of a message-in-a-bottle).
Water This is Vital! Especially when I was backpacking through hot countries in Asia. I tend to pack multiple bottles of water in my backpack; it gets heavy, but it’s necessary, and can be a life-saver, like it was for me on one particular hike in which I thought I was going to pass out from the heat.
Plasters I like to have plasters mainly with me for foot related injuries. Walking boots can often rub or cause pain after a few days of walking, even flip flops have managed to scar my feet in the past. Ideally a first aid kit is handy to carry around, even just a little one.
Purse/Money Obviously my purse comes everywhere with me. If I’m going on a hike or a day trip it’s best to carry cash because in remote places you are unlikely to find places that accept cards or play host to a cash machine
Camera It’s not always ideal to lug around a huge camera, but it’s worth it when you see something spectacular that a phone camera just won’t capture as beautifully, like a gorgeous view or a moving animal. However, we all have our ‘can’t be bothered to carry this around’ days, so sometimes I opt for a smaller digital camera, or I just make do with my iPhone 4, but the picture quality is never as good.
Vaseline I always carry a little tub of Vaseline with me. I mainly use it to keep my lips soft and hydrated in cold or dry weather, however Petroleum Jelly is handy to keep in my backpack too as it can be used for a number of other things; you can apply it to rashes to soothe chaffing, apply to nails to keep cuticles soft and undamaged, Petroleum Jelly can even be applied to trapped zips to unlatch them.
ID I’ve shown my passport purely for display purposes (and to avoid showing you guys my shocking DL picture) but I would normally carry around my License, especially in foreign countries. I prefer to keep my passport locked in a safe place so I don’t risk losing it or having it stolen. But I think it’s important to always carry some sort of ID on me, just in case something happens to me (or I fancy myself a glass of wine … what?).
Phone Hopefully a message-in-a-bottle situation can be avoided as long as I have my phone on me. My phone comes everywhere with me, and in Asia it never left my purse or pocket. Not only is it great for emergencies, but it’s also my second notebook, my camera, my access to wifi, my compass, my map and is full of handy travel apps such as XE which is a currency converter (read more on handy travel apps here).
Sunglasses Fingers crossed it’s sunny in Ireland this weekend, I’m hoping I’ll need these. Although, they aren’t just shielders of UV rays but an important accessory perfect for shielding my tired or sometimes hungover eyes from the world.
Deodorant Whether I’m in a cold country, a hot country, or just plain old England, if I’m running around, doing activities, walking or even just on an overnight bus, I’m going to sweat and the last thing I want to be is smelly. I keep either deodorant or body spray with me to freshen up if I need to.
Tissues A Runny nose, an emotional goodbye, a bug that needs removing without skin on skin contact; from experience I’ve always found it handy to carry a pack of tissues.
A Waterproof/Mac in a Pac (not pictured) Regardless of where you are in the world (bar maybe the Sahara Dessert) you never know when the heavens may open. In hot countries the rain didn’t bother me, in fact I welcomed the refreshing showers, but in places like Europe and China, I’m always grateful to have a waterproof in my bag because there’s nothing worse than walking around in wet or damp clothes. I don’t have one pictured (apart from my boyfriend’s up top) because I have a new one on it’s way too me in the post, I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that it arrives in time.

What’s in your backpack? Any of the above? Or do you think I’m missing an important item?




Can a Decent Backpack have Style?

Before I won the FYTandco Drift bag at BLFW – which I am to hopefully receive this week or next, woop woop – I was on the hunt for a backpack for all my upcoming adventures. Bored of all your average-joe hiking-type backpacks, I wanted a pack that was not only good quality, spacious and durable but that had some colour and personality to it. No more dull blacks and sporty greens, I wanted some style. Why does travel gear have to be so dull?

After searching on the web for a while, I eventually discovered Mi-Pac, a brand that provide backpacks and duffel bags in an variety of quirky styles, colours and patterns. In fact it took me a few days to actually narrow it down to this one, I was so spoilt for choice, torn between this purple denim, a leopard print, a tapestry and an aztec print.

It’s spacious inside, with super strong faux suede on the bottom to withstand the bashing around of daily life, and it’s waterproof (apparently). It is covered inside with waterproof-looking material; I’m no expert, but it looks like it could take a good bashing in the rain. I guess only time will tell. I’m not sure what to expect, as I’ve read mixed reviews about these Mi-Pac backpacks; some saying they are great value for money, whilst others say they only lasted a month on the road. But I’ll be taking the Mi-Pac to Ireland with me this weekend to test it out.

I’m praying it survives the weekend and proves to be a durable and worthy backpack, which would mean no more ugly travel bags for me, it would be style all the way. Hurrah! However, knowing my luck the zip will probably fly off or it will drown in the rain. In which case it’s back to steady, durable, waterproof backpacks – boring!

You can buy Mi-Pac Backpacks from various stockists including Amazon and Asos but I bought mine from Surfdome (Ssssh, it was slightly cheaper than Asos, just £24.99, click here to have a gander)




Bloggers Love Fashion Week • Tweet Boutique

photo 3 After enjoying a little taster of BLFW at the Pre-Party, I was looking forward to finding out what was in store for us Bloggers at the Fashion Week itself. I was unavailable to attend all three days, so I chose to attend on the Wednesday/Day 2 and I took along LoveJenuine (of course).

Whilst the stormy downpour tried to steal the attention of the pre-party, BLFW was met with gorgeous weather on the Wednesday. The event was held in the same stylish location as the previous Fashion Week, the Penthouse in Leicester Square, which boasts stunning views of London.

bloggers love fashion week bloggers love fashion week 2

As per usual, beautiful cupcakes and treats were laid out everywhere for us to help ourselves too.

bloggers love fashion week 6

Downstairs the Fashion Show took place, restarting every 20 minutes in order for everyone to get a chance to see it throughout the night. Tinkilove’s pieces were stunning!

bloggers love fashion week 13

Upstairs was the Tweet Boutique, which was Amazing, and yes Amazing deserves a capital A on this occasion! I LOVE the concept of the Tweet Boutique, whoever came up with this idea is a genius. Here is how it works: lots of different brands all have an area in which they showcase their pieces, but rather than bloggers buying the products, the brands instead have certain pieces that they can give to bloggers in exchange for a Tweet. Basically tweets become a currency. You want a product? Just tweet about it using the brands twitter handler and preferred hashtag and voila you will be gifted with an item! The result? Lots of happy bloggers with lots of cool free stuff to blog about and lots of happy brands having their name and product spread across Twitter with love.

The first brand I tweeted about was Exuviance, who gifted me with an anti-ageing face cream worth almost £50! They are new to the UK and had so many different products on offer, but I chose the product I thought I would benefit from the most. Then I headed over to the Tinkilove’s Capture Collection which I loved.

bloggers love fashion week 3

I loved all these caps, but I tweeted for the #Chimerical cap, which I definitely plan to take to take on holiday with me. what do you think?

photo 2

Next up, I stopped over to visit the girls on the Leighton Denny stand. From afar I thought the girls were giving away lipglosses, but in fact it turns out the products are nail varnishes. Part of the Cocktail Cocktail collections, the Manicure Pens on offer to us were Fashionista, Monochrome, and Persian Delight. I went for Persian Delight. 

bloggers love fashion week 8 bloggers love fashion week 9

I definitely had a favourite brand of the evening, it wasn’t hard to choose. They were FYTandco ….

bloggers love fashion week 11

FYTandco had the most beautiful selection of bags, as well as adorable beanie hats and winter gloves in bright pinks and purples. All were incredibly soft and believe it or not, made from Bamboo!

bloggers love fashion week 4 bloggers love fashion week 5

They gifted me with a beautiful cosmetic bag, which will definitely come in handy with all my travelling. But it didn’t end there, FYTandco were also running a competition to win one of their bags. To enter you had to choose a bag you liked, take a picture of it and tweet about it. FYTandco would chose the winner, with the bloggers chosen bag being the prize. I tweeted a picture of myself wearing the ‘Drift bag’ an adorable backpack that I really wanted my hands on.

photo 4

 I didn’t think I had won but a few days after BLFW, FYTandco tweeted me to tell me I had indeed won. Hurrah! I never win anything, especially not gorgeous backpacks, so I was thrilled.   The ‘Drift Bag’ will soon be adorned on my back for everyone to admire.

LoveJenuine (below) and I spent the rest of the evening looking at pretty things (and picked up Fab earings from Sound Chick Accessories) chatting to designers and bloggers, and we may have eaten a cake (or two). Afterwards we headed out for a glass of wine and a girly catch up. All in all a brilliant night, Thanks Bloggers Love for having us.

bloggers love fashion week 15

bloggers love fashion week 10

bloggers love fashion week 7 photo 1




BLFW Pre-Party

bloggers love pre party 6

If you haven’t heard of Bloggers Love Fashion Week what rock have you been living under (and is it available to rent for Football World Cups and other major sporting events)? Earlier this year Bloggers Love hosted the first ever Fashion Week tailored purely for bloggers. It was a huge success across the Fashion Blogosphere, so it was no surprise that a second BLFW was to take place. Although I wouldn’t necessarily label myself as a Fashion Blogger (despite what my sweater says), as a Lifestyle Blogger Fashion definitely falls into categories of my blog, as does Beauty which also features strongly at BLFW. The Autumn/Winter Blogging Fashion Week initially kicked off on Monday the 25th of August with a BLFW pre-party which I attended with LoveJenuine

The Pre-Party was a display of Pink and White as we were greeted by a beautiful candy bar, offering free treats in the form of marshmallows, popcorn and jelly beans. A nail bar was available for you to treat yourself to a manicure, but I headed straight over to the Speed Dating Booth for my 6.50pm appointment to get to know some other bloggers. Here I was able to meet new bloggers, as well as bloggers whom I already follow and who follow me which was really lovely. LoveJenuine joined in and we soon forgot about the Speed Dating and just began one big group chat. Rather than a cocktail we opted for the non-alcoholic beverages and drank strawberry milkshakes with popping candy, topped with teeny tiny marshmallows. We didn’t stay long too though, and once we had grabbed some candy to take home, as well as some cute pencils (engraved with Coco Chanel quotes) we said our Goodbyes and headed off home.