Bejewel Yourself this Christmas





Following on from my A Girl and her Pearls post – in which I spoke about my very small but very precious jewellery collection – I just had to share with you my newest additions. I received these gorgeous pieces from Debenhams in the post last week* and fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. My eyes couldn’t stop dazzling as the pretty little clusters of gems in the centre of each piece shined and twinkled at me. These stunning earnings and matching necklace just scream ‘BEJEWEL YOURSELF’ (and that I did).

Made by designer Jenny Packham, I was stunned to find out that these Rose Gold jewels currently stand at less than £40 for the set, meaning a little Christmas splurge could actually be a break for your purse!  You can buy the items separately should you have a favorite – for me it’s the necklace, it’s totally my style, I love a simple chain with a chunky piece.

Of course, I should probably try and persuade you to treat that special lady in your life, be it your Mother, Sister or maybe your Girlfriend. But personally I think we should be allowed to buy ourselves at least one little present at Christmas, so I say go on, bejewel yourself! Click Here to purchase the Earrings for just £15 and Click Here to purchase the Necklace at a bargain price of just £22.

Did I mention Debenhams are also doing £5 off, when you spend over £30 online? See, it’s a sign!


Want Wish Wear • Chunky Knits

Chunky Knits WWWWith Winter in full swing (Brrrr) I’ve been spending way too much time eyeing up chunky knits to keep me warm and snug. There are some great ones available online at the moment, from full length cardigans, to bright coloured capes. Above is one of my faves; I love this Burgundy Shawl Collar Cardigan available from Forever 21 for £24 (click here to buy). But I think it’s something to do with loving the whole look, it’s definitely the season to get your hats and boots on. I’m just trying to find the perfect knit to go with them, below are a few more I’ve had my eye on…

chunky collage

From Left to Right/Top to Bottom:

Urban Outfitters Abstract Cardigan in Red & Yellow // £48 // Click here to buy

ASOS Longline Waterfall Cardigan // £45 + Free Delivery // Click here to buy

New Look Printed Blanket Cape (sold by ASOS) // £24.99 + Free Delivery // Click here to buy 

Esprit Boucle Fashion Cardigan // £39.99 // Click here to buy

Dorothy Perkins Berry Jumper // £14 // Click here to buy

Dorothy Perkins Ivory Heart Jumper // £26 // Click here to buy

Espirit O-shaped  Chunky cardigan // £39.99 // Click here to buy 

Of the six above, I can’t stop obsessing over the ASOS full-length waterfall cardi, and the espirit Boucle Cardigan. I’m loving those tones at the moment, in particular anything camel. What do you think? Any of these take your fancy? Or is your style not featured? Let me know in the comments  below….


A Girl and her Pearls

Pearl 1

Pearl 2

Pearl 3

Pearl 4

Pearl 5

Can you believe I’m 28 years old and up until last Wednesday I had never owned any Pearls? I’ve had cheap knock off ones from Primark and that, but never any real actual Pearls. In fact when it comes to beautiful jewellery I seem to only have a very small collection of precious items, now with one new addition…

I received this enchanting Pearl bracelet from Absolute Pearls in the post recently and fell in-love with everything about this special package – the wrapping and packaging, which was a lovely festive touch, the beautiful red leather box encasing the bracelet (seriously, it’s gorgeous!) and most importantly the stunning set of Pearls themselves.

Pearl 6

Pearl 7

Pearl 8

I received the ‘Christmas Sweet Heart Pearl Bracelet‘ which is made up of 19 beautiful white baroque Pearls. I’m guessing it’s named the ‘Sweet Heart’ bracelet after it’s stunning silver heart clasp which is one of my favourite things about it.

This would be such a lovely Christmas gift for a special woman in your life, be it mother, sister, girlfriend or wife. It’s such a beautiful piece of jewellery, that a woman of any age could wear, it’s timeless and classic.  Normally this Baroque Pearl necklace is £45, but it’s currently available for £39 for a limited time only. So quick! Click Here to buy and to check out more Absolute Pearls, from earings to necklaces they’ve got some beautiful pieces.

Pearl clasp

Pearl 9



Top Tips to Ensure a Good Nights Sleep this Winter


Despite the Winter season being a period of hibernation, with dark afternoons shortening our days, for many of us Winter can be a time of sleepless nights, leaving us exhausted. Christmas obviously plays a role in this; there is all the shopping and organising to do, it can be a stressful time. But apparently it also has a lot to do with the change in our diets and of course the huge change in the weather.

We may all be different ages, with different routines, in fact we all have different lifestyles, but regardless of these factors, all adults need between 7.5 and 9 hours of sleep each night in order to function properly and be healthy. Are you getting that? Probably not. So have a read of the below tips to help you get the  beauty sleep you need this Winter…

Turn off your phone and relax
Whilst it may be part of your night time routine to scroll through your Instagram and Twitter feeds (mine too) maybe a few nights a week try and go without. According to the Sleep Foundation we need to begin winding down a few hours before bedtime, but the light emanating from devices such as laptops and phones actually activate our brains, rather than wind them down. So why not put your phone away and get a relaxing bath followed by snuggling up with a good book.

No more caffeine before bed
I used to drink coffee and tea all day and all night long, right up until bedtime. A midnight coffee was normal for me. But about 12 months ago it really started to affect my sleep (probably something to do with getting older, tsk). It stays in your system for hours, making it difficult for you to sleep. These days I try to avoid drinking caffeine after 5pm, instead opting for either decaf tea or coffee, a hot chocolate, or choosing water over fizzy caffeinated drinks like Pepsi and Coca-cola.

Keep warm the old fashioned way
The English temperature can drop dramatically, and there is nothing worse than being freezing cold at night. It’s important to be the right temperature to ensure a good nights sleep. This doesn’t mean leaving your heating on its highest all night long. That would be bad not only for your bills, but your skin too (read more about that here). Instead, try layering up and why not try a hot water bottle? Put one in your bed about 15 minutes before sleepy time to heat up your sheets. Make sure your hot water bottle has a soft cover so you can snuggle up to it when you get into bed and it will keep you warm throughout the night.

Block out the light
Not everyone heads to bed at 11pm, some people are only just starting their shift. And with it being the season of parties, sometimes we don’t get to bed till the following day. Whatever your reason is for sleeping during the day, I’m sure it’s a valid one, either way it’s best to block out as much light as possible! A good way of doing this is with a decent set of blinds, like the Blackout Blinds by VELUX. Daylight can interrupt your sleep, or cause you to light sleep, which can lead to problems. VELUX blinds can block out all exterior lights, meaning regardless of what time of the day it is you can get the rest you need. In the meantime, try an eye mask.

Organise everything the night before
Not only do I get a little more time in bed, but I find that organising everything the night before enables me to be ten times more productive the following day. And by organising everything, I mean washing your hair, choosing your outfit, making your packed lunch, basically all the things you would normally run around doing in the morning. By doing these simple tasks the previous night, it means you are able to have a little extra sleep and a stress free morning.

Eat a little earlier
In the winter it’s normal for us to crave a good warm hearty meal in the evenings. But eating a large heavy meal not long before bedtime can give us an uncomfortable nights sleep; we aren’t letting all that food digest properly. According to the Sleep Foundation we should aim to have eaten at least four hours before we settle into bed.

Do you have any tips to getting a good nights sleep? Let me know in the comments below…


Stocking Fillers • Bits for Bloggers

‘Bits for Bloggers’ is the fifth and final part of my ‘Stocking Fillers’ gift guide posts. So far I’ve done Boyfriends, BFF’s and Sisters, even a list for Mums and a list for Dads. But I thought with the blogging community being sooooo huge now, why not do a Stocking filler gift guide specifically for bloggers. I don’t doubt there will be lots of bloggers gifting each other, or maybe there is a blogger in your family that your struggling to buy for. Either way I thought it might be useful to do Blogger gift list. I would like to point out this list is focusing on Lifestyle bloggers, so if its a Gaming blogger your buying for, I’m afraid I can’t help you. But be sure to check out my other stocking Filler posts, I hope they’ve been helpful…

Gifts for Blogger

140 Ultimate Twitter LOLS // £7.99
Give the blogger in your life a good laugh with this book of ultimate Twitter LOLS. It’s not only a good book for a giggle, but also a good guide as to ‘what NOT to do on Twitter’ Written by the social media manager of Asos, Sedge Beswick, she shows us there are plenty of lessons to be learned

Models Own Hyper Gel Ultimate Collection // £15
If your blogger reviews beauty products, then they will LOVE this collection of ten gorgeous models own shades of gel-effect formula, these pastel shades are just stunning

Zoella Beauty Eyes Beauty bag // £8
The queen of vlogging, Zoella, has released her own Beauty range, and I think every beauty blogger would recognise these bright eyes if they spotted them in her stocking

Personalised Mixer Cooks Notebook // £9.95
Blogging and baking seem to go hand in hand these days, so why not purchase your blogger this personalised notebook to write down all their fave recipes?

Selfie Stick // £4.59
Whilst some bloggers may have perfected the selfie, some of us still struggle with angles and arm-ache, which is where this selfie stick comes in handy. This is the perfect gift for all those selfie and Instagram addicts

Blogger Business Cards // £20.95 (100 cards)
Personally I love the style of these business cards and would be chuffed to find these in my stocking. If she/he doesn’t already have some, why not get them printed as a surprise?

Tres Amaze iPhone 5 case // £8
A phone is a bloggers best friend. We need that thing at all times for emailing, tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, writing notes, diary checking and all other blogging tasks. So make sure your blogger pal has the prettiest looking phone with this ‘Tres Amaze’ iPhone case.

‘Today is the Day’ Mug // £9.50
I love to blog with a cuppa, I’m sure all bloggers do. So I thought this mug was perfect, as I’m sure these are our exact thoughts as we sit down with a brew to begin a day of blogging.

Travel Journal // £15
For the travel bloggers, surprise them with this cute travel journal for them to list recent trips, future adventures or write down blog post ideas

Can any bloggers out there add to the list? What would you like to see in your stocking?


Stocking Fillers • Dearest Dad

So today is Part Four of my Stocking Filler posts and I’ve put together a list of gift ideas for our Dear Dads. With a price range of £6 to £28, I’ve picked nine gifts I think would be great to pop in your Dads stocking, or slip under the tree for him.

Gifts for Dad

Scarf // £10
Give your dad some warm style this Christmas with this snuggly and stylish scarf (free delivery too!)

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert ‘The Action Hero’ Gift Set // £9.99
Make your Dad feel like an action hero with this gift set that contains Hydra Energetic Quenching Gel and Thermic Resist Deodorant. Nice and energy boosting so he play with all the Kids/Grandkids on Christmas Day.

Whiskey Stones Set // £15
No need for ice anymore with these cool Whiskey Stones. He simply just places them in the freezer for a few hours to have cool blocks for his drink . Pretty awesome eh? Not to mention they are reusable! Either select a plain set of nine, or choose from the words ICE, DAD, or DRINK, or for a few more bob you can personalise them – so many options!

Whiskey Rocker Glasses // £7.99
Why not get these set of two Rocker whiskey glasses to go with your whiskey stones. These two gorgeous glasses come gift boxed and are a bargain

Baby Scan Wallet Keepsake // £25
For all the new Dads out there, why not give them a little keepsake (and reminder) for his wallet of the newest member of the family

‘stuff that doesn’t go anywhere’ Tin // £7.20
Men are just as bad as women for cluttering, only they clutter random things like batteries and pieces of plastic. So why not get your Dad a tin to put all his ‘stuff that doesn’t go anywhere’

Leather Gift Set – Wallet & Belt // £22
You can’t go wrong with a wallet and belt, two necessities for every man. Plus free delivery on this gift set

Personalised Apron // £28
For the Dad who cooks why not dish up this gift for Christmas, a personalised Apron and you can even pick his top three dishes to add on to the apron

Whiskey Truffles // £3
Something sweet is always a good gift for a Dad or a Grandparent, combine it with some Whiskey and it’s a perfect little Christmas gift

Have I missed anything? Have you already got an awesome gift for your Dad? Or still struggling? Let me know in the comments below…